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Introducing a bottle Lock Rss

Hi, does anyone have any tips for introducing a bottle to a 5 month old breastfed baby?
I've tried a few times but she doesn't seem to get the idea, seems to just bite at it to squirt the milk into her mouth while looking pretty amused with the whole thing.
Perseverance? Position? Timing?
Took 4 months for me to get mine from bottle to breast. Can't help you with specifics, but just before she stopped wanting the bottle I was contemplating teaching her to use a cup and feed herself. At 5 months cup may be easier than bottle.
I recently returned to work part time m when my bub was 6 months. We had the same problem. She thought the bottle was great to chew on and rather fun to play with but had no idea how to use it.

We tried multiple bottles for several weeks before giving up and going to cup feeding. It's slower and requires more effort but she drinks milk that way.

We're now at 8 months and she's learnt to use a sippy cup for water at meals so we might swap to that for milk as she'll be a bit more independent doing it.

I know several other mums who've had the same problem trying to introduce a bottle to an older bub. Some managed by persevering and others ended up cup feeding.
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