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Taking Care of My Baby But My Hand Is Very Painful Lock Rss

Few months from the day I gave birth, I really babysit my child with the utmost care. However, these past few months, I felt numbness in my hand. It is tingly too. Is this normal?
hi Claire! I am so proud of you that you really gave a hand to your child. I think you better check if its carpal tunnel or tendonitis.
Thanks, Sylvee. I have read this and I am nervous because I am experiencing some signs of it. I have also considered peripheral neuropathy because I found this .However, I still need to see a doctor.
Hi Claire,

It's likely to be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and it is common in pregnancy..

Hi Claire,

My mother is suffering from the same thing. She is having trouble sleeping because her hands become numb and she has to massage them constantly. However, the reason for her condition is probably the work she does. I really hope it's not CTS, as I can see how painful it is for her. A visit to the doctor is the best way to know. Good luck! smile
Hi, I know what you are going through. My friend went to a clinic in Ukraine. She was so much happy with the results that she fully supported them. Biotexcom is coming to London on the 18th and 19th of August. I want you guys to visit them. This event will be very much great for you. I hope to solve all our problems. I hope this will solve your problems. I wish to see you all the problems. Good luck.
Do massage on your hands. Your love and affection is very important for your baby. So firstly takecare of yourself then takecare of your baby.
i wanna add one suggestion that why not to try floor chair you can give rest to your hands while having floor chair, you can check more for floor chair at
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