I really want to continue breast feeding as im 40 and this will most likely be my last baby. However between stress from partner, having lease cancelled and only got a home for 3 weeks unless i can get another rental...at this time of year! And having to go back to work with no break hence 7 hour stretch i cant feed baby, my milk supply has dwindled. Then to top it off my period has returned which i hear can make bubs fussy and lower supply as well Ive been on motulium for 2 weeks and only helped for few days increase supply. Been eating lactation biscuits...no help. Im getting really stressed and find it hard to 'let down' also now. Bubs gets so annoyed at boobs not paying out quicly that she goes on and off, on and off the boob to the point i cant take it no more and pump what i can then gve it to her. Please help if y hve advice