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I'm a new mum and I bottle feed my 5 month old baby. At the moment I'm using S26 no.1 formula but she seems to be throwing up just about every bottle. I stop and burp her at least 3 times throughout her feed as the doctor suggested but it doesn't seem to be working. I want to change formulas but the doctor said she would grow out of it - if anyone has any advice on changing formulas I would appreciate it.

Jade, single mum to Brooke Louise, 20/05/04

She may need an anti reflux formula. S26 make one.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06


Karicare make a Food Thickener which you add to Formula to make it thicker, so its harder for them to throw up, it cost about $8 from the chemist and you can add it to any non thickened formulas.

You can also buy formulas for reflux babies, just go to your chemist and talk to someone there.

has your bub got reflux??

my 5 month old has had reflux since she was born. I dont think it will make a difference what formula you use, it is something they have to grow out of.

i have been using s26 gold

Nicki''s Mum, NSW

JD, i use Karicare AR (thickened formula for babies with reflux). I highly recommend it. I know you mentioned you do already but really, really keep those burps up. Best way is to lie baby across the legs and rub for a little while then bring bubs up and keep rubbing, a burb eventually comes out. My baby still vomits just not as much.



my daughter had to go on a special formula from the speacialist as she had reflux very badily we have tried eveything and still have to thicken formulas she has started solids but throws them up just a good as the formula I took her to a chiros for kids and she is not throwing up as much as she use to and she can also lie on her stomache now which she was not able to do because of pressure on the stomache.
I've used a partially hydrolised formula with both of mine. They both had silent reflux while being breast fed. When I switched to a normal formula with the eldest she vomited most of every feed. After a couple of tins I switched to a hydrolised formula, and it was an immediate change with no more being sick - I could also take her off the reflux medication she had been on. For my second baby, when I switched to formula from breast feeding I went straight to a hydrolised formula, and again her reflux seemed to improve drastically. In a hydrolised formula the milk protein has been broken down, which makes it easier for the baby to digest. They are available in supermarkets, and places like Big W and KMart. The brand I was using has just gone of the market - and I havn't found the replacement one available yet, but they are available in a number of brands - a HA in the name indicates that it is hydrolised. HA formulas are also less likely to cause an allergy to milk if there is that tendancy in the family.

Good luck.

mum to 2 girls


I am a first time mum and my 4mth old is bottlefed. She has 4 feeds a day, each 220mls of S26 Gold, she is very happy and content on this amount and sleeps through the night from 7pm until 6:30 - 7:00am in the morning. I am not sure when I should start her on some solids and when to give this to her and if I decrease the amount in her bottles as well.

I would love any advise on introducing solids and about the amount of formula is needed. thank you
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