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How long did you breastfeed for? Rss

Hi ladies

Was just curious to know how long you breastfed for and if you are no longer breastfeeding your reasons for stopping?

I am into my 10th month now (can't believe I lasted this long!) and am thinking of weaning my little girl.

Would love to hear your experiences!


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Still breastfeeding (or in my case, expressing) and i plan to for as long as possible. Well done to you for breastfeeding for so long- that is great! If you are ready to give it up then do it, you've gone longer than most that's for sure. But if it's not bothering you that much and isn't too inconvenient then probably stick it out maybe for a couple of more months.

You're a great mum whatever decision you make.



Hi M2G

Wow you are going great guns with how long you have breastfed for. I am up to 3 months and to tell you the truth am getting over it. I keep doing it cause I know it is best for him, but I will be weaning him in the next couple of months because I am going back to work for one or two days a week in January.

The main thing I hate about breastfeeding is having to watch what I eat and drink cause everything goes to Ryan. We go to BBQ's every Sat night and every Sat night for 12 months I have sat and drank my water while everyone else has a few drinks with dinner ... I really miss the social drink to tell you the truth - does anyone else find this or do I just sound like an alco??? :}


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi M2G

I breastfed my daughter for 6 months. I was getting so frustrated cause she would only have a few sucks then not want anymore. She was only ever a quick sucker from birth but things just got worse at 4/12 - 5 months. I would put her down to play for @ 1/2 hour then try again and still only a few sucks. I was getting so stressed cause she wasn't drinking much and she wasn't putting on very much weight and Dad kept saying breast is best, when I kept talking to bubs and saying if you don't drink more, you'll go to bottle, which kept making things worse. I went to the clinic and the lady thought maybe I didn't have enough milk, so after each feed, i expressed to build my milk up, but things didn't get any better, which caused more stress which probably affected my milk more, so saw another lady at clinic who thought that bubs was trying to wean herself and suggested that next time she didn't suck for long to give her a bottle, so I did and she had the lot. I probably would have kept going if she was drinking, but now that I've stopped its been great, less stress and yes, being able to eat/drink what I like. You've done really well to get to 10 months. The clinic told me that by 6 months that they've got all the goodness from breastfeeding that they require. See how you go. Has she taken a bottle, that may be another prob. All the best.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07


You are just an alco!!! LOL! I COMPLETELY understand what you mean about not being able to eat certain things or drink alcohol. At times it can be frustrating but at the end of the day I think to myself the wonderful thing I am doing for my baby. Besides, you have the rest of your life to drink - although having said that, i do indulge in the occasional glass of red wine...

I was only ever planning to b/feed until Gabriella was 7 months as I was "supposed" to be going back to work. I was lucky enough not to have to return to the workforce afterall and so continued to b/feed as it was not really any bother.

Abs - sounds like you had it pretty tough! But CONGRATULATIONS for sticking with it! Anything is better than nothing. I found b/feeding really difficult initially and must confess I nearly gave it up around week 4! I was just so stressed about EVERYTHING (wanting to be the perfect mum and putting so much pressure on myself). I just panicked about every little thing. looking back now I can't believe I survived at all!

Gabriella does take the bottle - no problem as I have been giving her water since she was about 5 months old. She is also drinking from a cup so I am not worried about that aspect of the weaning.

Anyway, thanks for your replies. It's nice to hear other mum's stories and points of view.


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi guys,
I bf my son for 10 months and then weaned him off in total it took 3 weeeks to slowly wean him off. I didn't know how we'd go as he would never take a bottle no matter what we tried and believe me we tried everything. He drank water from a bottle but only using a non spill spout.
when I started weaning I thought he'd drink from the non spill spout but refused so I tried the teat and he took it smile
I personally did not enjoy bf as i didn't find it bonding at all but glad I suppose to have lasted as long as I did as he never slept through the night until I started weaned him off.
So I am now enjoy the fact that he takes the bottle!!!!! I now have sleep.

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

My son was 10 months old when he decided to wean himself overnight, much to my disappointment. I was hoping to b/f him until he was 2. But he had other ideas.
Heya jo79
I have been breast feeding my little fella for nearly 6months. I havent altered what I ate since being pregnant as I figure he got to try everything while inside me he should be accustomed to it now. However saying that the one thing I avoid is cabbage. I dont think your an alco but I did miss the social drink with friends also. I usually have one or two when I put Jack to bed at the end of the day. I know he will go between 6-10hours without a feed so he dosent get affected by my night caps. I think we need a gold star for continuing as long as we have cause I tell you what I miss and thats a non materninty bra and a nice dress I dont expose myself to the world whilst feeding. Well done to you and I hope you reward yourself with the occasional drink.

Stacey,WA,baby Jack 13.04.04

Heya M2G, I've been breastfeeding my little boy for nearly 6 months now. I too cant believe I lasted this long, but Im so glad I have been able to do it. Its such a convinient way to feed for me not to mention helping greatly with the pre baby weight. I actually weigh less now than b4 little Jack. I will continue to do so for as long as I can, I have such a great support network around me who are pro-breast feeding and it makes it so much easier. You do it for as long as it suits you as I strongly believe its a personal and individual thing to do. A friend always reminds me "A happy mum is a happy baby". So do what makes you feel good. Yoou have already given your baby a great start so anything extra time is a bonus. Good luck with it all.

Stacey,WA,baby Jack 13.04.04

Thanks to everyone who replied - I love to hear other people's experiences and appreciate you taking the time to share yours with me!

I have decided to stick it out another the weather is really hotting up I can just imagine how uncomfortable it is going to become...!

Thanks again.


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi Everyone

I have been b/feeding my twins boys for 9mths now - I would like to try and continue until they are a year old but I am returning to work in 2weeks so we will see how it goes - it may be to stressful to continue. I have mixed feelings about b/feeding - some days I love it and love getting to have that time with the boys but other times I just wish that they would wean themselves! Does that sound really mean?
Hi Liz

I don't think it sounds mean cause I know exactly where you are coming from. Some days I love it and think breastfeeding is so convenient, other days I think it would be so much easier if Ryan was on a bottle. I think cause I do change my mind every few days I haven't stopped b/f cause if I did and my milk dried up I know I would regret it.

Ryan is just such a contented little bub on the breast that I am also afraid if I stop that will all change too ...

Having said that I am looking forward to the day I can wear singlet tops again, and triangle bikinis (at the moment I have a size 14 top and 10 bottoms and I still have to wear a singlet top cause I pop out all the time - and here I thought I would NEVER complain about big boobs!), and I can go back and do aerobics cause they won't hurt when I jump etc etc ... gosh listen to me whinge, I'll go now smile


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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