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how many bottles for an 8 month old Lock Rss

Hi just wondering how many bottles 8 month old babies are having out there. My bub has:
180ml 6.30 am
180ml 11.30am
180ml 4.00pm
240ml 7.00pm

Mostly he doesnt finish each of these bottles, generally leaving 30 - 60 ml each time. I was thinking of cutting out his 4pm bottle and replacing with a snack. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Gill, QLD.

We are on 3 bottles and have been for a while now. We are down to:

8.30am - 150mls
1.30pm - 150mls
6.45pm - 150mls

Her bottle intake is starting to decrease now.
I do offer her 50mls of milk in her cup with breakfast and dinner as well and she has 100mls on her cereal.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

From 7 to 9 months Jeb was having...
7:30am - 250ml
12:30pm - 250ml
6:45pm - 250ml

He was similar in leaving 30-60ml each time, sometimes more sometimes less. Since swapping all his meals around to solids first over the past 2 weeks he dropped back to 200ml but now seems to be wanting more again or may be a snack before morning sleep and after afternoon sleep? Not sure which to do? Guess it's just trail and error? Bub will let you know what he wants. smile
I there

My DD is on 3 bottles a day. I found that when she was taking 4 bottles a day she wasnt eating as much. This way she is eating well and still drinking 3 bottles a day.

Maybe youo should try cutting out one bottle and seeing how it goes.

Good luck.

Cheers 0:)
My 9 month old is having the followig bottles:
7am 220ml
6.30pm 220ml

I recently dropped his 3pm bottle as it was impacting on his dinner at 5pm and I have just replaced it with a sback of some yoghurt or a piece of fruit.

Anna, Brisbane, Mum to Ed born 16/08/05 and Beth b

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