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Breast Feeding with teeth Lock Rss

Hi all,
I really need some help here.
My 6month old boy had got 2 bottom teeth, and keeps bitting me.
He has only just started eating solids in the last 3 weeks and still wants to breast feed.
It is starting to get to the stage that I really don't want to feed him in case he bits (and everytime he does bit). It really hurts because he bits really hard.
Should I keep trying to feed him or just give up and go to the bottle?
He really loves drinking water and loves the food I'm trying with him.
I breast feed my last little boy till he was 15months and I would like to try the same If I can.

Karolan, Wyn.Tas


I remember Logan doing that but that was before teeth thank goodness! We started him on solids at just under 5 months under advice from a CHN because of it and as it turned out he was biting because he was ready for "real" food. Maybe you could try increasing the amount/frequency of solids to see if that helps. Other advice I was given was to take him off the breast immediately and in a firm voice say "No, that hurts mummy". Or scream when he does it and that sounds harsh but it kind of shocks them and they stop. Logan got upset when I tried this so I comforted him right away and explained that biting hurt mummy (you'd be surprised how much they can understand) and he soon learned to stop biting.

Failing all that, try the ABA web site (or call an ABA counsellor) they have a forum on there that their counsellors reply to as well as other breastfeeding mums. I have found it helpful with other issues i've had.

Good luck - it would be such a shame to have to stop feeding before both of you were ready!

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

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