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What to give baby after breast at 12 months? Lock Rss

Jacks's message got me thinking. Do you put baby on formula after breast if finishing at 12 months?
Or can you give them just normal cow's milk?

dd b. 31/07/05

Hi there

I breastfed both of my children until just past 13 months and they both went straight to cow's milk in a cup. I started putting cow's milk on their breakfast at around 10-11 months. My son didn't really like drinking milk at first so he mainly drank water and ate lots of yoghurt and cheese for calcium and our child health nurse said that was fine because after 12 months they really don't need to rely on milk feeds as much, as long as they are getting plenty of fluid (such as water) and at least 3 serves of dairy - cheese, yoghurt, milk etc, and of course a balanced diet including fruit and vegies etc (if you can get them to eat all this LOL!!!)

Hope this helps
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