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Burping baby??? Lock Rss

I have noticed that in many posts mums refer to burping baby after a feed. I have never burped DS and have read that you don't need to (Baby Love and Baby On Board) - that is only a wives tale that this is necessary.

My DS seems to burp himself - although does struggle a little if my letdown is too strong (I guess some air may be getting in there). Does anyone else not burp? Do you feel that your babies setlle better when burped?


thats fantastic if your bubba is burping himself!!!

alot of babies will get very bad belly pains if they are not burped, my daughter burps herself at 6 months,but ocassionally she will seem in pain and i give her a burp an she does some good ones
each to their own

Lillie....1 year old!!!

My daughters 12 months and I always burped her when she couldn't sit up (0-6 months) and then when she could sit up, yes she would burp, sometimes by herself but other than that I have found that I need to burp her when I her the bubble sound in her belly.
That is wonderful that your son burps himself my daughter started to burp herself when she was 4 months old and the burping only helps their little stomach to get the awful wind and etc out.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

It is great that your little one is burp himself , my bub is just starting to happily just sit up and do that, however i find that during night feeds it pays to walk around with bub in an upright position when she has finished if only for a minute just to allow her to expel any trapped air. She definitely settles better then. Hope this helps xx


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