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Recommended Teats for a Breastfed Baby ?? Lock Rss

My 4 month old has only ever been breastfed and on my first outing without her the other night she would not take a bottle for my babysitter !! (it was an Avent bottle)

I have contacted the breastfeeding assoc to ask if they could recommend a teat and they said they don't at all and recommend either breast or a cup.

Can anyone recommend a teat that is similar to the breast and that my baby may take ??

PS - she loves her dummy, which is a happy baby one.

Thanks !!

Tia and Baby Zoe

I would try the persistant nipple. It's a thin longish teat.
Hi, I breastfeed also, and the pigeon teat is good, it is supposed to be like your nipple... Hope it works out for you...

Hi Tia

Sorry to change the topic but I was wanting to contact the ABA to discuss somethings and was wondering how you go about it??

In answer to your question my DD who REFUSED to take expressed milk from the bottle has ended up taking it from just a cheepo brand from coles. We tried every teat under the son and in the end she took I think it might be Tomee Tipee I hope it works out for you. It took us ages to get Tijana to take a bottle but when I returned to work and she knew I wasnt home she had no choice!

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

An LC told me the chu chu cross cut teat is best for bf babies..
My DS is almost 4 mths & would drink from a puddle if that was on offer! He is breastfed, but I also started expressed bottles very early on so there wouldn't be any nasty suprises down the track.

ANYWAY... Heinz make these really cool weaning cups for 4mths+ I found these better for him than bottles as he has to suck harder and doesn't gag on the faster flow that bottles have. I use one for water for him and he loves it. You can find them in Coles.

PS. My neice refused all bottles dummies etc but will drink from these.
Hi Tia,

I struggled for a few months with my little boy but we have finally come to a happy place using the pigeon teat. I think they are fantastic and he doesn't seem to be gulping air as much. There a few sizes S M Y L. Since he is 7 months old I started on the L but he was getting it too fast. So I now have the Y and as much as it takes him around 20 mins to feed instead of 5 mins, he is cutting down on his wind and the pharmasist said that he will suck to his liking on that size....
Hope this helps.

Kezz x

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

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