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Nuk Teats Lock Rss

Hi All,

Just wondering as anyone experience any problems with Nuk teats? I found that my bub wasn't getting the milk out quick enough and that the air holes worked on some teats but not on others, it would sometimes take my bub an hour to drink 200ml which was extremly painful for the both of us! I tried all sizes with the same results. In the end I got my bub to take the avent teat and he now drinks a bottle in about 10 - 15 minutes when he wants to drink that is - not a great lover of milk but atleast he luvs his solids! If anyone has experience the same problems I would love to hear from you.


Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

i used these at first,but as my DD had been brestfed i found the teats were actually too small for her

i ended up with avent and have used them ever since


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi,i have had same promblem with teats but thought it must have been the wy i was holding the teat in his mouth,my little fella only like nuk teats

Jacqui,Tas,Jayden 4/03/06

My little man loves the Nuk Teats & dummies, it all depends on how hungry he is as to how long it will take him to polish a bottle off. I have recently changed him to the Karicare HA-AR formular and find it takes him longer to drink a bottle so we are on the look out for a shop that actually sells the larger holed Nuk Teats.

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