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Reaction to 6 month+ formula Lock Rss

Lilly is almost 7 months and when we stepped up to the 6 month + formula she had a reaction (I am 100% positive that it was this), does anyone know what is the difference between the two? did your baby have a reaction to something they ate? please let me know.

One day at a time

Hi Lilly's Mum,

I have to say we had no problem stepping up...if anything Aidan seems to like Step 2 better.

As far as I knew the main difference is that Step 2 has more iron, though it depends on which brand you use. The reason I say this, is because we were looking at changing Aidan from Karicare to Heinz once he stepped up, however as Karicare Step 1 & 2 are both whey dominant & Heinz Step 2 is casien dominant (their Step 1 is whey dominant though) we decided to leave Aidan on Karicare as apparently the whey is easier for them to digest. Are you using Heinz? Could that be the problem?

Just a thought. I hope she's ok!!!

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