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refusing to drink last 75 mls of bottle 6mths old Lock Rss

Hi guys any one have any ideas

MY Guy is six mths old and has started to refuse to drink the last 75 mls of his bottle .

is this normal if i try to get him to drink it he chucks a wobbly

But he always seems to have room for his solids

Cheers Kirsten
Hi Kirsten

my DS is nearly 6 mths and he has started to drink less of his bottle (he is on solids too). I did read somewhere that as long as they still drink 500ml a day with 3 meals of solids a day then that is ok.

Joshua drinks at least this.

Hope this helps


Yvonne, WA, Beautiful Baby Boy 29/11/2005

The CHN told me that as they start solids they will decrease the amount of milk they require. As long as they are putting on weight not losing - they are fine.

It is quite common for my DD (also 6mths) to leave 40-60mls of her bottle per feed, and she is now increasing the amount of solids that she wants each meal time.

It is frustrating I know when sometimes they want it sometimes they dont!!
haleigh did that at aroung 5 months she went from 200mls to only having 125 - 175mls, but haleigh was also eating 2 - 3 solids a day and having 100mls (or more) water a day
shes 8 months now, and still only having 150-200ml formula a day.
the guide lines on the milk tin are usually only guidelines all babies are different and eat different amounts, if he was losing weight, and not feeling well or just peice of mind then take him to nurse/ doctor

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

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