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should i change formula? Lock Rss

Hi,i use s26 gold and my sons poos are very green and kind of hard he strains a bit when he dose a poo wondering weather i should change formula as i have already change once.or is it just normal for a formula baby to have poos like this?as i was reading some forms and some people have seemes to change for this reason
Thanks for any advice Jacqui

Jacqui,Tas,Jayden 4/03/06

i am pretty sure their poo are supposed to be soft, and they shouldnt strain either. i dont think colour means much, depends on their diet.
but s26 can be known for constipating babies, not saying it does it to all it can suit some to a tee, but you may find another formula to be suitable. i think it worth trying different ones till u find one that suits. it will be worth it in the end.
good luck
Hi there

When I had my baby girl I chose to put her on S26 Gold. After a couple of days she suffered bad constipation. I took her to see my general practitioner who told me to either change formulas or wait a week or 2 to see how she goes.

He stated that a lot of babies suffer from constipation on S26 GOld as its very strong.

I chose to change formulas immediately and put her on Nan. She has not had any problems since being on Nan and has been on Nan for 6 and a half months now.


Hi, I had the exact same thing on the S26 gold - it contains alot of iron needed for premmie babies so your baby is just getting rid of the excess iron his body doesnt need.

My CHN got me to change to the standard S26 formula and within days had a normal yellow brown poo and problem was solved.

There was no need to graduate the change in formula - once the gold ran out we just started with the normal S26 and all was good!!

hey jayden,s_mum s-26 gold has alot of iron in it and makes babys poo different and they became constipated

katie,victoria,mum to 2 beautiful girls!

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