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How do I start formula feeding? Lock Rss

I have a 4mth bub and fully breastfeed. Have been thinking about putting him on some formula to see if it helps him sleep through longer at night, at the moment he's waking up (usually twice) through the night for a feed. Problem is i have no idea how to start this.. Is it the last feed that I give him a formula feed? What kind of problems will we come across when changing? I have just started giving him some rice cereal at night and seems he is settling better at night but he still wakes for the 2 feeds through the night. Im confused whether I should do this or not any advice would be great..

Stacey, WA

when i changed DS from boobie to bottle, i just did it. i didnt wean or anything, but i completely changed... no more boobie.
with you, its a bit different because you are still going to BF. i would give formula as the last bottle of the night initially. (if you choose to introduce more formula at a later date, give more bottles and less boob)
if your aim is to get him to sleep through the night, be aware that formula is no guarantee of this.
another thing to ask yourself, is he waking twice for a feed, or is this just habit? he may only be waking because he knows that you are going to feed him. (my DS did this)

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

1stly sometimes babies cant eat that rice cereal because it makes them gassy. and they can get a bit of a tummy ache when they are first starting.
I started giving my son a bottle of formula at night and only at night. I have heard things that babies can get confused with the different teats - but by the end of the day they are so hungry and ready for bed they are going to drink anything (most of the time!) i would try it its not going to hurt. You might find that he might wake for one feed in the middle of the night instead of two, but they do starte to drop feeds soon and eventually sleep through the night. Dont think it is completly the end of the world, because you will get through it. Goodluck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi, I also have a 4 mth old and have been giving him a formula bottle at night for about 8 weeks. We started giving him the formula at around 10pm feed but we found we were having to wake him to give him this feed and sometimes he wasn't feeding until 11pm which meant a very late night for us. I also found that giving him his feed that late made no difference to the times he got up in the middle of the night so I decided that it would be better to move the formula feed to the 6.30 - 7pm feed as my hubbie was giving baby this feed and i could prepare dinner. At this stage we could never imagine our baby sleeping through the night but quite quickly he just slept longer and longer. He now sleeps until 7am and occasionally wakes in the night but at least I'm getting a good nights sleep and can manage those feeds if they happen. As other people have said formula is no guarantees. Good luck.

Nicola, Harrison Feb 06, Ruby June 07

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