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Hi Everyone

I have a 3 1/2 month baby boy, Ryan, and am having some trouble with his feeding. He is on four bottles around 200mls each time, but he seems to scream and cry when I burp him and the only way to settle him is to put the dummy in his mouth and he seems to settle down and burp and bring up the milk. I have tried all sorts of things, burping him 3 or 4 times to giving him the whole bottle and he seems to do it whatever I do. He also seems to bring up a lot of milk and even when he is playing he will bring up milk 2 or 3 more times. He seems to want to drink all or near the 20mls and for his weight and height he should be drinking around 250mls. Am just wondering if anyone else has this problem and if I should be giving him less?????

Hope somebody can help
if he is happy to burp himself with his dum dums let him

mabey he would like it if you hold him like an aeroplane,my DD loves this and it brings up allsorts of suprises

dont worry that his a spewy baby,you wouldnt belive it if u saw my DD(projectile vommiter)!!!

and as for how much??...
as much as he would like!!

xxx smile xxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!

i would definatly speak with your doctor. This could be heaps of different things and the doctor will have more of an idea and will be able to suggest the RIGHT thing for your baby.
It could be he is having too much milk
Or lactose intollerant
or even reflux
or like every one else has said just spewy baby!

One of my friends had a very spewy baby, and she would always put the dummy in after a bottle feed. It did seem to help but he would basically have to sit quietly for 10minutes. If it continues past the age of 6months when they start crawling i would defintaly be getting it checked out because by then you are not going to have a baby that just wants to sit there nice and quietly after a bottle.

Goodluck and stay strong. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Jen22. Charlie used to scream when I burped her and I too tried letting her go til finished without a burp or taking her off several times and it didn't make a difference. She eventually just stopped screaming but I can't remember when, she is still a really spewy baby though I think when a bubby spews it always looks like more than it actually is. As long as your bubs is gaining weight and doing plenty of wet nappies you should be right. This used to freak me out but it doesn't now I know that's just how Charlie is. Maybe your bubby has a bit of wind before you feed him? If you're worried listen to your motherly instincts and take him to your doctor to check him out.

I'm not sure if you should give him more or less though sorry I can't help on that one!

Good luck!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

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