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Not enough weight gain Lock Rss

My DS is BF but i am worried that it isnt enough for him as he has only put on 250g in a month does anyone know how to improve your milk?

Kristie, QLD, 12 month bubba Seth

Hi Kristie one of the best ways to improve your supply is express

You should express after each feed - on both breasts even if its only for 5 mintues.

The other thing you can try is offering him both sides and then going back to the first side again. This will also increase your supply without having to express

Some other things to think about, drink lots of water, have a glass each time before you feed, eat well, get lots of sleep (as much as you can with a little man!!) and take care of yourself..hope this is helpful.

How old is he? Was the MCHN worried about how much he put on?

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

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