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Breast Milk drying up help.. Lock Rss

My newborn is only 3 weeks old. I have found in the last week that my milk seems to be drying up and he is not satisfied with each feed. He can spend up to an hour feeding off each breast and still not satisfied. It seems to have started when I had the flu needle and started on the mini pill.. Could these 2 things effected my milk production. I had simular problems with my first but i managed to get to 3 months with him.

I feel like a failure because I am unable to feed him and I am having to top him up with formula all the time as its getting to the stage where my nipples burn because he is on them soo much.

I am drinking heaps, eating a good 3 meals a day, not having caffine etc, What else can I do, or do I just admit defeat and bottle feed.

Fe, SA, Zaine 4yrs, Jake 04/05/06

Hi, sorry you are are having trouble, Have you considered seeing your GP they have tablets that can help increase milk supply, or if you go to the ABA website they have a forum where the ladies recommend fernugreek or blessed thistle, otherwise just keep feeding him frequently and see how that goes , I am breastfeeding my youngest and it is hard to tell if there is enough milk still there, but we have made it to 4.5mths so I hope You can continue too...
Just remember that you are not a failure, A good mum is one who loves and feeds and nutures her child - wether it be breast or formula, as long they are happy and healthy...
Take Care

Hi Fe!
Firstly congratulations on the birth of your Son.
Feeding dramas just aren't fair. Sometimes it feels like it is just all spiralling out of control & you just want it all to get better. I often wish breast feeding was so much easier, but alas, we have to work hard sometimes.
My very first piece of advice is to contact a lactation consultant or an Australian Breastfeeding Assoc. counsellor. Look them up in your phone book and ask at the hospital. You need to get back on track & you are going to need some support. Unfortunately because your son is having formula top-ups, your milk supply wont be increasing as much as you wish. I feel sympathetic towards you though, as I understand how hard it is to listen to a crying, hungry baby & have sore nipples from the constant feeding.
Is your DS working hard to get a feed? When DS started taking a bottle he got really lazy at the breast & preferred the fast flow of a teat. I then had to remove the bottle entirely to get him to suckle properly at the breast again.
From what i understand, the mini pill should not affect your milk supply, its the normal pill that does that. If the Dr was aware you are breast feeding you should have gotten a killed vaccine when you had your flu shot & this shouldn't make you feel ill, so I dont think it would affect your supply.
I have used fenugreek with some success, but i think you can also try milk thistle and there are prescription drugs available that may also help. I also take Blackmores pregnancy & breast feeding formula. It is a 2 a day multi vitamin. This definately helps my general well being on a day to day basis.
Please don't feel like a failure. Hopefully you get the support you need and the answers to get you through this hiccup & on you way to a long & strong breast feeding relationship.
Good luck.

P.S. You can ring the ABA counsellors 24 hours a day. Dont leave it until tomorrow, call them tonight.
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