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reflux thrush and feeding trouble any suggestion Lock Rss

Can anyone help I have a 10 week old boy Quinn born csection with breathing problems which are now corrected. Who constanly brings up his milk after I breastfeed him he does not seem to be in any pain but he always seems to be feeding/vomiting and I am always washing everyones clothes.
He has had thrush since he was born we have been doing constant treatment which so far have failed....
He also is a lazy feeder sucking in air no matter how much we try to correct his latching on.
I had no problems at all with my 2 year old son
and breastfeed him until he was 14 months.
I'm close to changing to bottles.
Please help.
Hi Rqmum

Sound like your bubs has reflux, and will probably still throw up even if you change to bottle feeding.

If he is gainging weight then he is probably not throwing up the entire feed - he might also be just a bit greedy and takes more than what he has room to hold!!!!!

As for the thrush, sorry my little one hasnt experienced that. Maybe you might need to take him to a pedeatritian or GP especially if it is not clearing up!

good luck with it all

mum to two little Mr''''''''''''''''s!

hi rqmum
sounds like you have been through a bit in the last 10weeks. it must be really frustrating to be dealing with thrush that won't go away.

my baby was a happy chucker and vomited a lot but happily continued to gain weight. i got good at aiming her little mouth elswhere rather than on my clothes! cloth nappies can be handy for wiping up all those spills.

some things i've heard helpful for thrush. wash clothes especially bra's and undies in a nappy sanitiser or similar. change breastpads regularly. have a swap taken and tested for other bugs. ask about a cream that is antibacterial, and antifungal. check your diet and (in consultation with a dietician maybe or natropath etc..) work at avoiding 'yeast' foods.

you are doing a great job breastfeeding your baby and giving him a great start in life. with help and support this can be overcome. you may like to check out the forum at there are other mums there who have gone through this too.

i hope it gets better for you really soon. smile

mum of 3 girls


I have an 8month old who has silent reflux and has been on medication since he was 2weeks.
Which means he vomits but it ogoes straight back down and these babies constantly cry especially when lieing down. You said your baby vomits but it comes out and it doesn't bother him. I went to Karitane for a week and from what you've described, they call these baby HAPPY CHUCKERS. They said it doesn't bother them like silent reflux. I had a girlfriend whose little one vomited so much after milk and even solids that it looked like all his food came out. the doctors had told her as long as he is gaining weight not to worry.

I had a lot of problem breatsfeeding with my first, latching him on and also when I held him to breastfeed him, we both felt akward so I bought a feeding pillow and I still use it with my second baby. Just by using this allowd me to position the baby better and he even looked more comfortable, it made breastfeeding heaps easier. I don't leave home without my pillow.

I hope this info helps
Hello Rqmum,

My DD constantly vomited up feeds every day for the first 3 months of her life and at first I thought it was reflux as she was also a bit of a 5pm screamer. However after feeding in front of the MCN she pointed out that DD was choking and spluttering at the start of the feed and that possibly my let down was too strong for her. She suggested that I feed lying down, pull DD off the breast as the let down happens and catch the milk in a towel then reattach. This really helped with the vomiting but also my supply settled down after about 14 weeks and DD started to keep her feeds down.

I also had an oversupply which didn't help as DD became lazy and would only feed for the first let down then get tired and pull off and was only getting foremilk, which made for wind and stomach pain. I would just continually change feeding from one breast to the other until she learned to finish the first side before getting the other, and it kept her awake.

We also suffered with thrush which was so painful and at one stage I would cringe every time DD attached. I did all the things advised such as wash all clothes on boiling hot water, used Daktarin for weeks even after the pain from feeding disappeared and changed breast pads after every feed.

Good luck, I hope we can all help you and I hope you can continue to feed your son.

Michelle, VIC DD 09/11/05

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