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changed formula, now bringing it back up..... Lock Rss

hi all, i recently changed my DS's formula. he was on s26 gold but started to go off his bottles, and just would not drink it. so, i changed formula to heinz nurture. trouble is, he's now bringing up a lot of milk after his feed. we've never had this problem before, so im not quite sure what the problem is.
could it be that he's not agreeing with the new formula and i need to try another? how long should i try this one for (we've nearly used 1 tin)?

any help would be great

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

My dd was always a chucky baby but when I tryed that one it was like she had not even swallowed the milk. I have her on Karicare ar now as it is thickened maybe give Karicare a go I have heard a lot of good about it
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