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Hi my dd is 6 months old and has been a chucky baby since day 1 I have her on karicare ar and this was helping her she was being sick but no where near what she use to be untill the last few weeks all she ever dose is throw up.
I was told that once she started solids this would settle but has not happen any ideas or any one with the same problem?
I have had 2 spewy babies first one I coped with second who is now 10 weeks old is driving me nuts both breastfeed.( solids didn't help either)
So I know what you are going through.
I have heard of a formula which is anti reflux formula which helps to settle the oesphgus and stomach a friend of mine used it and her baby went from a cranky chuckier to not chuking at all.
Don't know the name of formula though, sold at chemist know that much.
Hope this helps.
Hi, My baby has thrown up constantly since he was a couple of weeks old. He has been diagnosed with reflux, so I would suggest that you check with your doctor in case your little one is also in pain. Luke takes a medication called Zantac. It hasn't actually stopped him throwing up, but it has stopped him screaming. I hear other babies do stop throwing up when they take zantac,so it could be worth a try. good luck!



Have you tried Karicare HA AR - it's different to Karicare AR... I've tried both and I found the AR to thicken too quickly and clog all of the teats - it made for an unpleasant bottle for mum and impatient bubs. I've had no problems since weaning from the breat 6 weeks ago - until this week of course, whereby DS is back to old tricks. I haven't tried Zantac yet, but have a follow-up with GP next week (6-week shots - ouch) and will have to give it a go.

I, like you, was hopeful that things would die down with solids... now I just have coloured puke spots on my cream carpet!! Vax rocks!!!

Have a chat to your CHN if you're concerned (not that mine was any good) - or definitely your GP!!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

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