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Not finishing her bottle Lock Rss

Help, Im mot sure if I should be concerned about this or not. My 4mth old daughter never finishes her bottle. She is on 5 bottles a day of 200ml but at each sitting will only really have about 120ml. At the 120ml mark she will stop, I burp her, try to continue and all she does is chat! I try to get her to drink some more but she wont have a bar of it. The faster flow teat doesnt work either! She still has good sleeps during the day and only wakes up occasionally during the night but more often than not she is having a bottle at night because she isnt drinking enough during the day. She has been doing this for about a month now!
Should I be concerned or does anyone have any other ideas. She has Karicare gold. (Was on s26 but kept throwing up alot.

Kate, WA

I dont think you should be concerned providing she is still gaining weight.
My daughter always drinks less than 200ml per feed and she is 6 1/2 mths old.
I know lots of other babies that drink more or less than mine does so it isnt a hard and fast rule. Providing she is getting what she wants than there isnt too much you can do.
My DD is 4 months and lately she too also will only drink between 100ml - 120ml each feed. Her bottle before bedtime is the only time she'll drink about 150mls. She is only having 4 bottles a day & she has been sleeping through from 7pm till about 6 am since about 10 weeks old but i do now give her a dreamfeed most nights to get another bottle into her as her weight gain was very slow.I have also tried a faster teat but it was too fast as she would cough and splutter and spill out the sides of her mouth.DD sleeps well during the day and it was worrying me that she was hungry but she seems pretty content with what she's taking so i have given up on trying to get her to drink more. She will always bring a little bit up if i force her to have more than she wants. DD is also on Karicare gold.
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