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Can I safely lose weight whilst breast feeding? Lock Rss

Hi there Mums & Bubs smile

I have a 10mth old boy who I'm still breast feeding 3-4 times in 24hrs. I desperately want to lose about 10-15kgs so I can start to try for No.2. There is no way I'm getting pregnant carrying so much weight BUT is it safe to try something like the Tony Ferguson Diet whilst still breast feeding? I know someone who lost 10kgs doing Weight Watchers and she didn't mention she was breast feeding (you have to so they can add more calories/points to your plan) and it never affected her milk supply.

I've contacted the Tony Ferguson site and they claim it's not recommended for breast feeding Mums.

I guess I'm paranoid my milk will stop but at the same time I really need (more than want) to shift 10-15kgs and fast!


Michelle,Connor,Jai 2/7/08

Hi There
I know weight watchers will help you with this. A friend of mine has just lost about 15kg while breast feeding. She said that they were great, from what I understand she said you just had to add a couple of extra points on per day.
I definatley recommend this it did not taker her long at all.
Hope this helps

Jackie, SA, 2 Boys

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