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Is there a follow-on Reflux formula? Lock Rss

I know there are follow-on formulas for normal formula, but is there anything similar I should look for in the AR (reflux) formula, or does it contain everything suitable to continue from 6 months until weaning? I can't seem to see anything on the tin to indicate changing.

My paediatrician and health nurse both told me that the Karricare AR brand I use is suitable for children up to 12 mths. Also, I was told that "most" babies grow out of reflux problems by about 8 or 9 months and you can change over formula then. That is what I am going to try. Hope that helps.
Hi Deesy (?),

Yeah, I hope too. I think I will ask our baby nurse next time I see her or the visiting midwife to our chemist. We use S-26 and I guess we will keep using that for the next couple of months then and see if we can change over. Thanks for that advice. It could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi I've checked my formula tin for karicare AR (reflux) and you can use it from 6months on until 12months old. my son is 7months old and he is using it. also eating soilds as well. hope this helps. debbie. [email protected]
Hi there,
My boy James is 8 months old and we only just figured out that he wasn't just possiting! He can't eat anything with lumps as he just brings everything up as soon as he gets one! We have put him on S26AR that we mix in a 240ml bottle 3:1 with S26Gold2. This has certainly helped him keep a bottle down and also means he gets a little more iron etc. If there is a follow on in the AR I can't find it and the current one doesnt have as many vitamins and calcium as the gold. As to babies growing out of it at 8 months, my little sister is 21years and just had to have surgery to try and help her reflux! I guess it is just the luck of the draw. Fingers crossed!

Mares, VIC, 5yr old James and 2 yr old Michael

Karicare AR goes to around 12mths, but found my guys outgrew the reflux around there. One was really bad and it stopped overnight. My predi was happy for him to be on the Karicare up to 15mths as he was eating just alittle when it stayed down.

Louise, had 4 boys under 4

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