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Bottle Feeding Problems - will they last forever? Lock Rss

Hi all, my 14 week old little girl has had feeding problems since birth. Failing breastfeeding i switched her to formula at 3 weeks old hoping this would cure the fussiness. But it still hasn't. I have ruled out reflux as she's never in pain when she burps and is always happy to be laid on her back. Some feeds are okay, but most of them are pretty stressful for me. I allow her an hour to drink what she will (and it always lasts that long), but in between she squirms, cries, spits it out and just generally fusses. She's fed four hourly and she's even fussy with her bottle after having slept 12 hours over night. On top of this she only will sleep for 45 minutes at a time during the day and refuses to resettle so come 6pm as you can imagine she's at her worst! I'm sure the catnapping must be contributing to her bad feeds but it doesnt' explain why she won't feed properly after a really long sleep.
Can anyone with an older baby please reassure me by saying they had one of those but it got better at a certain age?? I have visions of myself struggling to feed my 12 month old her milk! Surely it can't go on like this forever?? I thought things were meant to get better at 3 months old?

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

hi, although i cant tell you by experience, im willing to put money on the fact that it WILL get better. i know you've ruled out all the bad stuff, but have you tried changing her bottle? a friend's baby will only drink from a certain type of bottle. any other, and he wriggles, squirms, chokes and cries. also, have you tried experimenting with the temprature of the milk? maybe cold, room temp or warm. some babies will prefer completely different to others. another thing to consider is the teat that shes drinking from. some babies hate certain teats, so you may need to experiment with a few.
i know this is stating the obvious, but its all i can think of. good luck smile

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Thankyou sarah. i thought i was the only one. I ahve a 10 week old and am going through exactly the same thing. She also feeds for a hour but still only has 80- 100 mls. wont slep during the day but sleeps all night and still wont drink her bottle without a fight. I know how you feel and also prays it will get better

Mum of Layla-Rose

HI sarah, Sorry to hear you're having problems. Have you ruled out silent reflux? My DS suffered this from 11 weeks and it is really hard to diagnise as there are no outward signs. THey regurgitate the milk and then swallow it again so it burns their oesophagus twice making feeding really painful. Have a look at some of these symptoms and if you think they are relevant, print out and take to your doc.
We changed to a thicker formula and it worked for us.
Of course, if you think it's definitely not silent reflux then ignore all of the above and I hope things improve for you!

Anna, Brisbane, Mum to Ed born 16/08/05 and Beth b

Well I have a baby who has silent reflux. You said she doesn't sleep well through the day but no problems at night. Well my little one was the same. I found out that the body creates less acidity at night so therefore that' why my son was only unsettled mainly from the morning to afternoons because as the day ends your body produces less acidity so therefore the vomit that he was regurgitating back up didn't bother him throughout the night, but through the day was the problem, it was giving him a burning sensation when it came back up. He never vomited at the beginning because he has silent reflux. I put my son on Losec compond form (which is the tablets made up into liquid) and also Karicare thickener and with these 2 he was a changed baby and began to sleep well through the day. I got all this great advice from going to the Hills Parenting Centre for the day, the lady is Michelle and she use to run both Karitane and Tresillian. She was great and has an abundance of knowledge.

I hope some of this info can help in some way. Goodluck and if you can ring Michelle she changed my babies life for the good.
hey there

when haleigh was around 3- 4 months i had the same problem with feeding, she would only feed while lying flat on her back (which isnt very good), or i had to sing to her. i found she was worse in the day. i found it stopped at around 5-6months, she is sometimes difficult but is generally a good eater now

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

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