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Domperidone to Increase Milk Supply whilst Breastfeeding?? Lock Rss

Has anyone had any experience with Domperidone tablets to increase milk supply whilst breastfeeding??

My DD hasn't put on any weight since she was 2 months old (now almost 5months) and is solely breastfed. I was given these tablets from the Paediatrician and i think they are working, although bubs has been throwing up a lot since about the 3rd or 4th day of the tablets. Does anyone think it might be DD gorging herself as an increase in milk supply?

Sorry if i'm not making sense. I am the only one to breastfeed my DD out of my friends, everyone else formula feeds and i don't know much about Domperidone and if the weight sounds normal for a b/fed bubs. She weighs 5.14Kgs is 59cm long and head is 41cm.

Thanks in advance... xoxox

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

hi annalissa
sounds like you are concerned about your baby.
it can be worrying when babies aren't gaining weight. i would recommend contacting a breastfeeding counsellor who can go into more detail with you.

having other people around you who are breastfeeding can be really helpful. if you can get along to your local ABA group you will find a wealth of knowledge and support.

if bubs hasn'tlost weight that's good. 7k is 50th percentile at 5mth. and 5.5 is3rd. (from what i can work out-please chexh with your dr)so it sounds like you are right to be concerned. have you had her checked over by your doctor? in case there is something else going on? if she's throwing up could she have reflux? see if your doctor can geta hold of the new growth charts from the WHO. they are more realistic for breastfed babies thatn the ones currntly in use.(and what i have looked at-but i am not a dr.) when looking at her weight it's a good idea to take into account you and your partners body type. if you guys are on the smaller side bubs may be too. having her weighed on the same scales each time may help with a more accurate measure too. has she had any growth in the last two months? in length or head circumference maybe?

have you noticed what her wet nappies and her poos have been like? has there been any changes to her output since you started on the tablets? watching what comes out is a good way to see waht's going in. have you also tried anything else to increase your supply . like frequent feeding, topping up with the breast and perhaps expressing between feeds?

it's great that you are breastfeeding your baby many breastfeeding issues can be overcome with some help and support. sometimes complementary feeding is medically indicated but with help and support you may still be able to continue to breastfeed if you want to. there are other mums who have also been through this. try the forum at
hope everything goes wel for you

mum of 3 girls

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