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What formula to use?? Lock Rss

Hello I have a 13 week old boy and was thinking about starting to introduce a bottle at night time. I dont know but i dont think he is getting enough from me as from about 6pm till 10pm all he seems to do is feed and then he wakes about 2am and is reaaly hungry. Anyway just wondering what would be the best formula to start on.

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006


We gave our daughter S26 Gold. I think that it is the best, howevery ou have to be awware that at woolies etc it is 22 dollars.... Not so bad if you are only doing 1/2 bottles a day. But wyhen you get to the stage that we;re at and she is exclusively formula feed and goes thru a tin a week it can get expensive.

However at Big W they have the tins for 19 dollars sometimes 17.... So we go there.

I like S26 Gold and dont mind the fact that it cost more becuase I tried others and didnt find them as good. I was also brought up on S26 Gold and so was my partner... jsut seemed logical to us smile

I am sure that there will be other mums here who disagree and thats fine too as every bubba is different.


This is a very tricky question, as all of us have used different products and had success or failures with them.
There are lots of different formulas and they can be really confusing, they are basically broken down into several categories.
Gold- these have omega 3's added to help with brain and eye real proof to say that they do.
HA- these have been broken down to be more easily digested as cows milk is a lot harder to digest then breast milk.
AR- these are thicker formulas to help with reflux
LF- these are lactose free for bubs that are sensitive to lactose
Then there are the normal formulas and the speaclised ones such as soy or goats milk based.
I think what you have to do is work out what is going to suit your bub, the availability of the formula you choose and also the price you are prepared to pay.
All formula has to meet VERY strict world health guidelines on the certain levels of vitamins and minerals.
So to answer your question...finally...ther is no BEST formula, you need to find what is going to work for you.
Some companies have sachets of formula, you may want to try bubs on a few sachets to see if she will drink it, so you don't buy a tin of formula she won't drink.
Anyway...good luck


my ds has had nan ha and now im using karicare gold both very good.
I have always used Karicare Gold since my daughter was a week old. I haven't had any problems with it and she seems to take it well. It appears to keep her full as she is sleeping for most of the night (8pm-7am). It can be quite expensive however Target sells it for $16.99 (it is $21 everywhere else) and when they have a sale it is even cheaper still so I tend to stock up then.
It's hard to say which formula would be best. If you want him to feel fuller longer maybe try something with a thickner in it or get some Karicare food thickner and add it to any formula. Not a good idea to change the formula from week to week though.

My baby boy has been on S26 Gold and S26 AR for reflux for the last 5 moinths, i have just changed him to Nan Gold with Karicare food thickner so he keeps it down, and hopefully wont be sick anymore, seems to be working for us, but, all babies are different.

Good Luck
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