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help - am i feeding her to much Lock Rss

hi guys, a wee bit of advice please. I have a feeling that I'm over feeding DD. She gets up at 7am and has 250 mils of milk and 1/2 a hour later has porridge and 1/4 of a piece of toast with marmite or honey, at 11am she has another 250mls of formula and after that about 200grams of food (pasta, home made soup, or scramble egg -yolk only mixed with formula) at 4pm she has another 250mls of formula and then at 5pm she has a really good tea tonight it was Shepard's pie followed by 100mls of formula before bed. she pretty much eats what we eat at tea time now, I just give it a good chop up so its in small pieces for her to eat). I should say that she is going to be eight months old next week. The only reason that i ask is that friends are still on giving there little ones one or two solid meals a day and they have purred food still where as DD has chunky lumpy food - and loves it. Is this too much? Its going to be another 2 months before she gets weighed again.
I am no expert at all but it seems ok to me. Every baby has a different appetite and from what I read there is no right or wrong it just depends on each baby.
I have bought a few baby books in regards to feeding and from 7 months they all pretty much say that babies can cope with lumpier foods generally with the aids of their new teeth that are popping through and they are learning to chew by now.
I think that if you were feeding her too much she would show you signs she didnt want it. DD spits the bottle when had enough or refuses to open her mouth to solids.
I have babies in my mums group who's bubs drink only 120mls, my DD drinks between 150-200mls, another has over 200mls and all bubs are similar ages!!
Sounds to me like Hannah has a very healthy appetite. You are very lucky she is eating lumps and normal food as many mums struggle with these issues. My girl loves her food too and weighs 10 and 1/2kg at just under 8 months. Yeah she is a big girl and eats alot, but when she is getting teeth and goes off her food for a few days or gets sick, then she has some in reserve. I just love chunky babies anyway!

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

Hi hannah's mum every baby is different and it sounds like your daughter loves her food and there is nothing wrong with that I am no expert but I think your daughter is doing alright for her age and I think you have nothing to worry about it but if you arent to sure just ask her doctor to weighed her and tell them how much she eats.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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