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23 week old prem bub refusing bottle Lock Rss

Hi, Connor was taking the bottle occasionally for me as was breast and bottle fed when born due to being prem but has refused the bottle from myself or someone els, am trying him on a sipper cup but don't know how to get him to realise he will get milk if he sucks on it as it's a non drip one. HELP
I only leave him for 4 hours a week so i can do some paid cleaning and it makes me feel absolutely awful when i find out he's been crying most of the time. Yes we have tried changing teats, havent tried the pigeon one yet though. I got so upset yesterday sat on the phone to a friend and cried for an hour last night

Tina, Connor prem now 2

hi there

my daughter wasnt prem, but even she found it hard to drink out of nonspill cups.
i found dinkee cups easier, and i think avent have a cup lid that goes onto the bottle.
what teats are you using?
i used avent, and i have a friend whos bub was 3wks prem and she used them too.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

Hi Tina, the non spill cups are hard for little bubs to get anything out of them. Remove the valve so he gets an idea of whats in the cup. As he gets more confident with the cup then put the valve back in so he doesn't spill it evey where.
Hope you can get around this.


Hi tinamarie,
My little one was 8.5 weeks prem and we used a syringue sometimes when she was in hospital. I also bought the pidgeon feeding kit and expressed milk and found she would take it from that bottle as the teat is quite small and even now she is nearly 11 months old and that is the only bottle she will drink from. maybe take the lid off the sipper cup and hold it up that may help as well. If you are feeling to down call one of the mother helplines depending on what state your in and get some guidance.

Good luck xx
there are lots of things you can try. i found my daughter needed to be held differently for bottle feeds, not cradled as if she was having the breast, but my mum would hold her facing forward and refclining against her(mums) tummy.
you could try leaving something you have worn with your carer, so they have your smell as familiar for bubs, or even just wear a bunny rug against your skin and then leave that.
sometimes i would squeeze the teat a bit so dd would get the milk and then she would latch on.
a small medicine cup can be used, just tilt it up and bubs will lap the milk out of it.
perservere, my dd has never really taken to the bottle but i always just leave it and if she's thirsty she drinks some. some babies will 'wait it out' and on occasion she has done this feeding more often after she has been away from me.

does your carer have much experience with looking after breastfed babies?
there are lots of other ways to soothe a baby without feeding (sometimes a feed is all they want though wink )
rocking , carrying, pushing in a pram, bouncer, music, singing , dancing etc. could be suggested.
The australian breastfeeding association publishes a guide to caring for breastfed babies that i gave to my daycare, it's really inexpensive and could be worth a look.
good luck with it all.

mum of 3 girls

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