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Self Weaning Lock Rss

Hi i was wondering if someone could explaing what self weaning means.

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

I am not sure exactly but I think that self-weaning is the same as child-led weaning which is left up to the child - apparently most children wean naturally between the ages of 2 - 4. (I think those were the ages).

Weaning is a very gradual process and is said to begin once solids are introduced (because the baby b/f less) thats why some babys wean earlier because they are given to many solids. In most cases you can actually get the baby to feed more by dropping some of the other foods out or by putting baby to the breast more often or before solid feeds.

I was planning on child-led weaning with my little one but because i am currently pregnant she is fussing around a bit & (I am hoping to tandem feed but will just have to see how it goes).

Anyway hopefully that helps a bit - sorry about the long post I got a bit carried away
I consider my DD self weaned. When she was about 9 months, she started to fuss at a couple of particular BF's that I use to offer. I picked one of those feeds to stop - just not offering it any-more. Basically, DD didn't even notice. She never looked for that feed, happy drinking water from her sippy cup and eating a finger food snack. Another example is my friends 2 kids. One day they just decided (shortly after turning 1) that they didn't want boob at all (for all feeds). I suppose thats an extreme example of self weaning.

My CHN said that you get some babies that are happy to give up the boob and some babies that never want to give up the boob, eventually having to be forced off it. I think it would be really difficult dealing with a baby that doesn't want to give up the boob.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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