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feeding from one breast Lock Rss

i have been having alot of trouble feeding four month old ds and have been told i have nipple vasospasm however i only have it on the left side. it gets to the point where i dread feeding of the left which upsets me because the right side is so easy and i have never had trouble. i do really enjoy breastfeeding and i wont give it up if the pain doesnt go away but my sister told me that you can feed from one breast successfully which would be great considering my right side is fine. i was wondering if anyone has done this or knows of anyone who has. my worry would be that if i do go down to one if it couldnt produce enough milk i would have to stop breatfeeding. thanks.
I have been told and also read a few books that said that you can dry up the milk on one side and just feed off the other.
Id reduce the time at the breast you no longer feed from and maybe hand express just enough to keep it from being engorged until it slows and then the milk supply on the other should increase the more you use it.You may have a few days of having to feed bub more regularly to boost the supply so you will eventually produse enough for a full feed from one side.
Maybe ring the breastfeeding mothers assoc im sure they will be able to tell you more than i can as it all sounds good in thoery but i havent done it although from day one my bub had a preference and even now that breast still gets fuller than the other one.
Hope you can successfully do this as i also know how it feels to want to breastfeed badly and do anything not to give up.
Good Luck

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

hi nicole,
i would call the breastfeeding association, you can get contact details at their website at
i have met mums who have succesfully fed off only one breast, so yes it can be done. breastfeeding works on a supply and demand system so the more your baby feeds off that one breast the more milk it will produce.
you may find that your breasts become a bit uneven while you are feeding but that can go back to normal after you wean, especially if you wean gradually.
having the vasospasm in one nipple only may also indicate that it is caused by an underlying problem, like nipple damage from poor attachment. it could resolve if the underlying cause is found and treated, i think.
have you had any specialist advice on the vasospasm?

mum of 3 girls

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