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Bottle Refusal Lock Rss

Hi. My 7 month old absolutely refuses to take a bottle or a cup. I want to start weaning him, but the minute he sees the bottle or cup he starts screaming. I have tried breastmilk and formula in the bottle to no avail. It doesn't matter whether I feed him or someone else, he just doesn't like it.

Any suggestions?


Kate, VIc, mum to Mitchell

have you tried Pigeon teats, as these are as close to the breast, mabey trya few differnt teats??


Lillie....1 year old!!!


My 6mth old took about 3weeks to get used to a bottle and cup. We tried a different one each day, she now drinks out of both. We did throw away a lot of formula. She seemed to take to it better if we drank from a bottle too. We use a sports bottle full of boiled water and we would have some then offer it to her. Slowly we then would have ours then offer her her own.
Hope this helps



My daughter was the same when i put her on the bottle and still now will sometimes put up a big fuss about taking it. I just kept going she would cry and cry but eventually she drank it when she got hungry

Holly, 6mth baby

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