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Bub won't take bottle from Dad Lock Rss


I am having trouble with my little fella refusing to take a bottle from his dad... It doesn't matter if it is breastmilk or formula he flatly refuses the bottle. This is making it increasingly difficult for me to even go out to work as I am worried about bub not getting a feed. Dad has even tried to wear one of my pj tops so that bub can still smell me and he still won't take a bottle...

Does anyone have any tips?????

Thanks heaps
Rochelle smile
Hi Rochelle, I have had a similar problem only thing is my bub won't take a bottle from me either! (She is usually bf). I have left Charlie with her nanna before and she will take a bottle from her. I don't know what her secret is - only thing I can think of is she knows I'm not around. Are you there when your hubby is trying to give the bottle? Is your bub old enough to try a sippy cup?

Sorry I probably haven't been much help but I do know how you feel. We try every couple of nights with the bottle and with no success yet.

Keep trying and good luck!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Hi Rochelle, Have you tried you to start the bottle feed and then Dad to slowly starts holding the bottle and then slowly transfer him into his arms. If he is busy drinking he may not notice a gradual change..esp at night if you feed in a darkened room.
Or the desperation technique is to have Dad offer every over a weekend and if he keeps refusing he goes hungry..eventually he will drink and will take the bottle from Dad. I had to do this when my boys were 8 months when I was trying to wean as they just flat out refused the bottle. It took 24 hours before they would accept the bottle and they have not looked back.
Hope the 1st senario works and you do not have to go for the 2nd option. He maybe too young to do this anyway, but if you have to take the strong stand check with your MCHN to see if he is old enough.


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