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Giving up the Boobies!! Lock Rss

My daughter is 10mths old and has never taken to a bottle and will sip small amounts from a cup or glass but that is it!! I am keen to finish breastfeeding, my boobies have had enough!! Does anyone have any ideas for making this process easier for myself and my beautiful babe....

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Maybe try giving her a cup with a straw. I gave my son a 'MagMag' cup with the lid that has a straw attachment (i got it from the chemist). He took to using the straw much better than he did to a sipper cup. Let me know how you go.

Amanda NSW mother to Jacob & Katelyn

Thanks millsyee we have actually just made the purchase of a magmag with a straw and are having slow success - Bella is having a great deal more fun blowing bubbles that drinking but we will persevere. Thanks for the hope that this will eventually work.....

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Well blowing bubbles are always lots of fun! How is Bella going now? Does she like the straw yet? I hope that all is going well for you both.

Amanda NSW mother to Jacob & Katelyn

HI millysee.....
We have not progressed very far at all! Still bubble blowing...I think I will be breastfeeding for a while to come ... I willl keep persevering and hopefully it will all resolve itself in time.

Sarah-Jane, Tas

I don't have experience with this as my daughter is only 5 months but I have had some problems with her not taking a bottle/cup so I have been doing a bit of reading recently as I was worrying about my options when it came time to weaning.

Firstly, if your daughter isn't sleeping through the night you should focus on her getting thorugh the night without breastfeeds. Once this is going okay only breastfeed her with her 3 meals and then gradually replace the breastfeeds with milk from a cup. Apparently they will drink more from a cup as the breastfeeds decrease. You can increase your baby's fluids by offering her fruit jels and extra fluid in her meals if you are worried.

Good luck with it, let me know how you go. I am very interested as it will be my turn soon!
Hi, i am just replying to your post as i wanted to say what wonderful childrens names you have. My daughter's name is Caitlin and when we have (if we have) a son, we want to call him Jacob. They have been our names for years and haven't heard anyone else with the same names for both children. Beautiful names. smile
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