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Is bub drinking too quickly? Lock Rss


I have a 17 week old son who is formula fed and he is drinking NAN 1HA Gold. The amounts he drinks varies at each feed and can range from 100mls to 200mls (he has 5 feeds a day).

We are using the Pigeon bottles with the Y-cut teat which means that the milk flows only when bub sucks on it.

He takes only 5-10mins to drink 150mls and the CHN thinks this is too quick and he isn't getting enough sucking time. She advised me to get a slower teat to see if he will drink more as she thinks he may be gulping air but I'm scared that my bub will get frustrated with the slow speed and may not even drink more.

How long do your bubs take when feeding? And should I buy a slower teat?


When I started my bub on formula the same question crossed my mind as DS was guzzling 200ml in about 5 mins. The CHN told me also that this was too fast and could be causing him more wind and tummy upset as he would fill up soooo fast instead of taking his time, and also the jaw development argument.
I was concerned at first about changing the teat as it took me a while to get DS to take formula from a bottle at all, I was using pigeon too, but eventually it got to the stage where he would suck so hard that the whole teat would colapse back into the bottle so we changed to Avent teats and bottles the size 2 flow and havent looked back since smile .

Hi Jakes mum
i too still have the same problem and my bub is 7mths, he will down 240mls in about 8mins and i think its too fast he is on avent 3 teats. the number 2 are to slow and he gets frustrated and tiresd from sucking. i tried the variable flow and that was to fast. i ahvent tried pigeon yet.
Sorry i dont have an answer for you but i just wanted you too know your not alone.

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

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