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Reflux Formula how effective? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My 5 month old, has recently been diagnosed by the GP with reflux. He has been on S26 Step 1 since birth and the GP suggested I change to S26 AR to help with his spitting up, which he does constantly!

He has been on S26 AR now for 2 days and seems to be spitting just as much as usual, does anyone know how quickly it should work? Any suggestions, should I change to a different AR formula and see if he is better?

Beautiful boy born 11 Jan 2006

hi , my little boy has been on reflux formula for 4 months now and i have to say he still sicks quite a bit. Something like 10 bibs and maybe 2 changes of the bed a day but he isnt in any pain any more so i dont let it worry me, most of the time he is happy and he is putting on weight. My little girl also had reflux and she was the same, they eventually just grow out of the vomiting stage, usually when they start to get a little more mobile.
If your little man is in pain you could always see about medication, I know zantac helped us out a lot!
Goodluck, I know how frustrating it is, the poor little things!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

Hi Adams Mummy,

I know exactly how you feel, My son now 5months was on Nan1 from birth, when he continued to vomit my dr put him onto S26AR which was no help at all, he seemed to be vomiting more than what he was before.

I have just 4 days ago put him onto Karicare AR and have noticed a huge change.

He still vomits here and there but no where as near as much as what he was on S26.

The proof of that is that he has clothes in his

I hope that if you try Karicare AR that it helps your lil boy.

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