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Lump under my nipple Lock Rss

I stopped breast feeding completely almost 3 weeks ago with no dramas. This morning I have a sore boob and found a lump about the size of a marble to the side of one nipple, just under the skin (if that makes sense). Its not super sore, but its tender. I should get into the GP tuesday (monday a public holiday) but can't help but wonder in the mean time what it is. I'd appreciate any opinions or to know if others have had any-thing like this. Thanks heeps, hope this isn't too personal - just kind of worried about it.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Could just be a blocked milk duct. If that is the case it can cause mastitis wich is something you really do not want. Is the area red or hot? Are you feeling at all fluey or feverish - another sign of mastitis. Try a warm to hot washer on it.

smile .

kazi try to massage it out even if it hurts a tad, try putting a hot /warm face washer on it then ,massaging outwards as if expressing milk

good luck at the docs


Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi Kazi I had exactly this 3 weeks into breastfeeding. I rang Healthdirect and they told me to go to the after hours GP at the hospital which really freaked me out. He told me it was very early mastitis and to keep my boob well drained. Gave no medication or anything. Anyway I did this and it didn't get any bigger but a few days later I noticed it was weeping so went back to the docs. He put me on a 6 day course of antibiotics and it cleared right up. If you're really worried ring health direct they gave me a referal so I didn't have to wait at the hospital.

You'll be right.

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