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As a mother of a 4 year old who fed beautifully I was sure the same would occur with child number two. I was wrong! From the first day he had problems latching on and although he had plenty to drink he was causing me major problems. In the hospital on day 2 his poo turned black and I was told it was because he had ingested blood from my milk ducts. Apparently this is not uncommon so there was no follow up on this and I took my baby home. Over the next few months I really suffered. Sore breasts every day, bleeding from the base of the nipple, an upset baby.....not much fun!!! Doctors gave me creams, nurses and midwives watched me feed him, the local Beastfeeding Association members gave me lots of advice. It was generally decided that my baby was a voracious feeder (this was based for the most part on the fact that he was 10 pound 2 at birth and has stayed in the top 3 percentile) and I needed to simply persevere or start formula feeding.
At 6 months I had enough and bought some formula. He wouldn't take a bottle. I bought a different brand, same thing. At his check-up and vaccinations at 61/2 months they finally discovered the problem. He was tongue-tied! This means that his tongue is short and he could not latch on to me, or a bottle. He now feeds from a cup and does this really well but he will probably need an operation at 12-18 months to correct the problem. If they had found the problem before he was 3 months of age he could have had a minor procedure with local anaesthetic, now it will be a general. Moral of the story, if you feel like something is not right with you or your baby, investigate because you are probably right!!! A mother always knows.........

Leigh,QLD,10 month baby & 4 yr old

My bubba was also tongue tied, but my health nurse poined it out me me really early, and at our 6 week check-up, my GP snipped it for me.

I was lucky though, never had latching problems to the extend that you did. Poor you and poor bubs!

Hope everyhting goes smoothly now that you know what the problem is!

Hi Leigh,

I know what you've been through! I had a shocking time in hospital - I was there for 6 days and everyone kept saying he looked like he was attached perfectly - but it was killing me! My mum half-jokingly said 'ask the nurses to check if he's tongue-tied'. The nurses laughed at me and said they would have noticed when he was born. But never-the-less they checked and assured me he wasn't.

So off home I went. He packed on the weight fine, but feeding continued to hurt. Off to the paed for reflux issues, and thought I'd ask about his tongue. "No - definitely not tongue-tied" said the Dr. That was at around 6wks. So I persevered with the feeding.

Since then I've kind of got used to how he feeds. But would ya know it... Go to the paed the other day for a reflux follow-up and guess what?! Yep - my son is tongue tied! I nearly slapped the Dr.

But the bright side of it is, had I known definitely our problems were because of his tongue tie, I probably would have given up breastfeeding him. I've also noticed that he 'practises' daily poking out his tongue, and seems to be getting better at it.

I have researched a bit, and in many cases if the 'tie' is thin it can stretch out on its own thereby not needing the operation. I just have my fingers crossed for this now. I'd hate for the poor boy never to know the joy of licking an icecream!

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