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are there any working breastfeeding mums Lock Rss

out there? I have just returned to work and am still breastfeeding my boys - just wanting to know how many others do it too
Hi Kica,

R u feeding twins? If so, well done!! I went back to work 2 days a week when James was only 8 wks old. I have been lucky as work has a breastfeeding room set-up so employees can express or bring their babies in for a feed.

They also have a medula electric breast pump so I purchased the attatchment making it much quicker to express whilst on a break than expressing manually.

Unfortunately this didn't last long as James started to refuse the bottle at home so my partner now brings him in on my break for a feed...

Good luck with breastfeeding your boys it can be a challenge at times but definetly worth the effort...

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

I have 6 month old twin boys, which I am breastfeeding and have returned to work, only very part time though. I am very lucky that they both take a bottle very well and my employer has a good breastfeeding policy that allows me express milk at work. It's good to have time away from the twins, even if it is at work!

Karen, SA, 6mth twin boys

Hi, I've also returned to work full time and have no problems expressing for my 7months old and he takes the bottle fine. The only thing I wonder sometimes is the breastfeeding making me exhausted or am I just doing too much?

Lynda NSW

How lucky are you Kelly?! I returned to work after 3 months with both boys, 3 days a week. I express every day but unfortunately don't have it as good as you! I'm a teacher so I have to squeeze it in during recess and lunch, and still have to do yard duties. Some days all I have is 20 minutes to express, eat and go to the toilet! I also have no 'comfortable' place to express, and have often done it in a classroom storeroom with my back against the door so nobody walks in. When I mentioned it I was asked why I don't do it in the toilets! Some people have no idea!! At the moment I have access to the accounts office that has blinds on the windows and a door that locks...heaven!

Even though it's not the most comfortable thing, and it often only results in 50mls, I find b/feeding so rewarding that it's definitely worth it. I'm determined to go until 6 months at's hoping I can last

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Another working mum here. I worked from home at first but started going back 2 days/wk and helping my husband at his shop 1 day. I express for my 7mth old.

Just lately though I've found it difficult making up enough milk for the next time I'm at work. I don't know if it's stress, lack of sleep or that I'm not drinking enough water.

Sometimes I won't let down and only get say 20mls. Then when it's 'flowing' I may only make up 100mls. With a hungry baby wanting 160-180mls each bottle, it means I have to express more often to try and make up the shortfall.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Hi bekajoy

Yep, ditto! I've tried everything to increase my supply and finally discovered that it's all there, just wont come out! My son has a formula every night and i use that time to express some more to top-up the b/m to freeze. I can get anything from 20 mls to 140mls, but more often than not get around 80mls. I know what you're going through because my son also drinks 150 - 180 each feed! Luckily i think all the extra effort is well worth it!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

It was great when I could express what I needed at work for the next workday. Now I have to work out how much more I need and try and fit it around feeds.

The last few days I've found it difficult to express between feeds so I would express say 50mls from one breast while Rhys was on the other. It's awkward though because he likes to play with the pump with his feet! I don't like to express any more than 50mls because I feel like I'm taking the food from his mouth.
I tried expressing while feeding, but i needed a hand free for my 21 month old! He'd wait until i was busy and then...trouble!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

I have just returned to work in the last fortnight... my daughter is 3 1/2 months old...
I am working 4 days and managing to express on my lunch break...

I got some advice from my antenatal group to include 'brewers yeast' into my diet... at first I didn't know if it was for quality or quantity of milk... for me it was quantity... noticing it in only 2 days...

basically I add 2tsp of the brewers yeast to the milk in my cereal, in glasses of juice, and also in my yoghurt or mashed fruit... there are options for adding it to smoothies too... but yes, it is an aquired taste...

I thought of taking it in tablet form, but I got hold of the powder and just sprinkle to taste...

my daughter is taking 250ml bottles at 4hr breaks... wow!! you are lucky just to need 160-180mls...

I require to provide daily feeds, and 2 x 250ml cover it... expressing first thing and again in my lunch break... I am only doing 4 days, so I still make it routine on my day off and in the weekend... but only first thing in the morning... freezing them to keep a stock...

I put this to you as a suggestion... to see how you go...

I want to keep this up as long as I can, I can only try like all other mums returning to work...

Good Luck to you...

Where did you get the brewers yeast from? I've never heard of it before, even after going through hassles with #1 as well, and asking everyone and anyone for suggestions!!

I'm very envious of the amount you are expressing!!! I'm sure my boy would drink it if it was offered!


Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Wow, jenniwren - 250ml bottles! I'll have to hunt for that brewer's yeast myself.

The last few workdays I've found it easier to express. It does take a while but eventually I get letdown and get around 90-130mls.
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