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Weaning really confuse me .... Lock Rss

Hi, I m little bit confuse about the weaning procedure. I m still doing breastfeeding at the moment, my bub is almost 11 months old now. I want to start to wean him, I'm confuse becuz of the timing, also, should I replace the feeding by cup or bottle.

When he turns to 1, he can/should use a cup to drink? is that rite? I try couple times since he is 8 months old to using a cup.... but he thought that is a toy, juz keep on banging it/chewing the spout.

Since he was 3 months old, he never take a bottle. We only use a spoon / syringe to feed him water or other liquid drink.

I want to know how can I introduce him cup/bottle again now. Also, 2 more months I will wean him, is that better to introduce a cup than a bottle to him? Any good idea, pls help. Thanks a lot.

Sen [Alex in 10.5 months old]

Sen, VIC

hi there,
when i weaned dd off breast milk at 10 mths after i finally found a formula that she would take s26 gold, then i just weaned her straight onto bottle and after a few wks she refused the breast herself,
i started off on the minimal amount of formula as well when i was stil bf then slowly weaned her and she finished and did the rest for herself.
good luck with it.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hey Sen - it is a very confusing time. Can I ask what your current routine is with both boob and solids (what ever you feed bubs). I might then be able to offer some ideas for weaning, if your interested.

In answer to your question, I would be offering your bub water in a cup (sippy, straw, bottle - what ever your preference) with every solid meal and snack throughout the day. Be persistant, it took my DD a good couple of months to figure out its not a toy and learn to drink proficiently. I probably wouldn't go to a bottle if your bub hasn't taken to it already. Only because of your bubs age and ability. You may as well jump straight to a sipper or straw cup - or both like I did.

Anyway, I recently weaned my DD from the boob so happy to give you some ideas. I got lots of support from this site - pretty handy in deed !

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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