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baby wont take bottle Lock Rss

my baby is 7 months old and breastfed. i am trying to wean her onto the bottle only problem is she refuses to take it. she does drink from a sipper cup but not a bottle. does anyone have any ideas about how i can get her to take a bottle? :S

Have you tryed different teats?
Maybe if she drinks good from a sipper cup maybe try putting her milk in it and see how she goes.

DS 13months

Hi Guys, my bub hated the bottle aswell, i tried the peristaltic teat and it was the only teat she would even try, id feed her one breast just to take the edge off her hunger as i found if she was really hungry when i offered the bottle she wouldnt have a bar of it and she would go wild and i'd give in.Another thing you could try is to make the milk as warm as possible, when i started doing that she would take more and more and got less and less fussy until she started taking full feeds I wouls algo give bub a botte to play with and id play with it in front of her so she was familiar with it and saw it as a good thing, and i would praise her and talk to her for the whole feed so she would see it as a good thing.
In the end it wasnt just one thing that worked it was more like a combination of all of them, also in my case she would take formula from a bottle better than my expressed milk and it was the warm formula which led her to give it a go even if she has a tiny amount i was happy as it does get more and more as she gets comfortable feeding from a bottle.
I hope ive given good suggestions i remember how frustrating the whole process was.

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

My friends and I were talking about bottles the other day and they all said the only bottle their babies would take was the Avent because it has the wider teat which was more like the breast.
You've probably already tried these but just thought I would let you know.
Good luck
Hi kezza I know how you feel my daughter hate the bottle and wouldnt have it and it didnt matter which teat I had on the bottle she just wouldnt have it and maybe your daughter perfers the sipper cup than the bottle.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I wouldnt worry to much about the bottle.I would just stick to the sipper cup you can get some that are made from 6 months and are easy to suck and wont leak.I fed one of my kids till he was 11 months and had to stop as my 3rd baby was only 2 weeks away from being born and i had the same trouble in the end he just used to cup and never had a bottle.Good Luck

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