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Freezing Bottles Lock Rss

I have just heard that to strerilize bottles you can just put them straight in the Freezer after you have washed them. Has anyone else heard this?? I have always sterilized in the microwave.
Hi Jewel,

I haven't heard of that before, so Im not sure sorry.

I am like you, I either use the microwave or Milton...

Maybe ur CHN would be able to tell you?

Good luck, let us know how you go...


.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

you should never sterilize in any microwave or heat up bottle in one either.

have you ever stopped to think about all the bacteria that is created in your microwave when u cook or reheat food in it??????? yuk or all the nutrients that die in the formula when u reheat it in the microwave?????

i asked my midwife and she suggested its not best if u freeze ur bottles just buy a large round or square container (from big w or something) and milton it for 24hours then empty it and place yuor bottles in it.

i use a steam steriliser which is best

i dont mean to sound mean or nasty

kim, coby 4months

Kimberley , Corey & Coby 11 months

Hi Jewel,

i have never heard of freezing bottles as a sterilising method.

But i work in the Hospitality industry and freezing food DOES NOT kill germs and bacteria only makes them dorment, once they are thawed the germs and bacteria start growing again. So i would assume that putting bottles into the freezer for sterilising would be doing nothing- just making them really cold and perhaps a bit icey.

Hope that helps - i know i wouldn't put bottles in the freezer for any reason.

Anita, NSW, Chelsea 8/03/06

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