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will i still be able to feed!! Lock Rss

I hope someone can answer my question. I am going away for a week when my bub is about 8 months old. I am guessing that he will be still feeding 3 or 4 b/f so i will leave expressed bottles. But my question is will i still be able to feed him when i return after 1 week as i don't want to wean until 12 months!! Will my milk just dry up? cheers
Hi Sel,

You will probably need to express while you are away - both to keep your milk supply going, and to stop you feeling like your boobs are going to explode tongue

I don't think over the space of a week you should have problems - your DS just might need a few extra feeds when you return to 'rebalance' your milk levels for you.

I think there was an athlete in the Commonwealth games who was going to be expressing the whole time of the games so that she could return to BF afterwards. So I really think you'll be right if you only do it for a week smile

Best wishes,

I fond if your not keeping the milk the best place to express was in the shower as the warm water helps.

DS 13months

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