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Transporting formula feeds Lock Rss

I have just weaned my 6.5 month old off of breast milk (except is breast fed first feed of the day) and am now wondering about transporting feeds for him when we go out. No longer as convenient as lifting my shirt!

Is it better to take bottles of warm sterilised water and a separate container of formula and mix when required, or to take bottles of formula already made up? I worry about keeping warm bottles of formula for a couple of hours. Is this safe?

Would love some input, thanks,


Mummy to Hamish - 18.12.05 & Callum 13.01.09

Hi Erin,

I always take bottles of warm water in a bottle bag which keeps it warm for longer and put formula in a container.

You should not keep formula made up warm for more than 1 hour.

Hope this help some.


DS 13months

If you have trouble keeping the water warm try wrapping it in alfoil they keep warm for hours.

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