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How Many Lock Rss


I was just wondering how many bottles should my 10 month old son be on. I am so confused he is happy with 3 bottles morning bottle 180ml midday bottle 120ml and night bottle 260ml. Any information advise would be appreciated
Many Thanks Mel
3 bottles is fine, just make sure he eats a well balanced diet. Tahlia has three bottles and on the days when she doesn't drink much of her bottles I just give her extra dairy foods to compensate.

what is reccommended is 700ml at this age however my 9 month old has decide that she only wants 2 bottles and thats if im lucky some days she only wants one if they dont want their is nothing that you can do as long as they are happy my litttle one decided that she didnt want a morning bottle about a week ago and instead eats 2 tubs of yoghurt for breakfast its 4 now and she hasnt had a bottle yet will try when she wakes up but if she doesnt want it she doesnt want you only upset them is he slleping through the night if so hes obviously pretty satisfied

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

Both Mums here are spot on. smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

My 9 month old son has 3 bottles a day each with a total of 210mls. He manages to have a whole bottle in the morning though the other 2 bottles he seems to leave around 50 - 90mls.

I've now started giving him cheese & yoghurt to make up for the added calcium he is missing out on with his bottles.

Take Care,


Naomi, WA ~ DS 5yrs ~ DS 14months

Many thanks for all your advise it is much appreciated smile
Hi mellie,
my 8 month old boy is on 4 bottles at 240ml a day as well as 3 feeds.He gets pureed fruit and custard mixed for breaky then mashed vegies for lunch and mixed vegies and meat for dinner.Every baby is different and will drink or eat differently I know that my daughter was totally different to my son is now.As long as your bub is happy and content just play it by ear and change it as you have to.

Karen,NSW, 2yrs & 7mnths

My 10 month old boy much prefers food over his bottles and has basically been like that from around 2 months of age. I started him on farex then as he just was not interested in bottles and was very curious about what we were eating.

He has a 180ml bottle at around 6.00am and then settles back to sleep for another 2 hours but after that, you are lucky to get a couple of sips from him and he is now asleep without having a bottle. I will not hear peep from him until the morning. During the day he will eat anything and everything - toast, yoghurt, cheese sticks, biscuits, sandwich, vegies and rice, fruit - you name, he will have a go at it!

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

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