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breastfeeding troubles Rss

Hi there!

Just wondering if anyone has any tips......
Here's my problem- my Bubby is a very fast feeder- 5min each side, however just lately he is very fussy with one side and will hardly drink much at all. He still seems very contented after a feed and i dont believe he is hungry, but this does concern me. Is he just going thru a growth spurt??? He still does his 5min (just) on the other side- should i give him a bottle to top up? We do give him 1/2 bottle of formula each nite to top him up before he goes to bed- which he norm sleeps thru- but he has been waking up a bit grizzly thru the nite lately..... I want to keep BF but am wondering if i should give him a bottle for some of his feeds? He is 3months old.

jodi, mummy of two darlings, SA

I strongly recommend you get advice from a lactation consultant. I offered a bottle top up feed for my DS and it resulted in nipple confusion and he refused to breast feed. I was told that he got used to the rapid flow of a teat and did not want to suck harder for the milk from the breast. It was heartbreaking for me and i tried every trick in the book but ended up stopping breast feeding at 4 months. Obviously this does not happen to everyone, and there are lots of babies who breast and bottle feed, but it is a risk. Also, every ml of milk bub gets from the bottle reduces your supply, so if you are offering the bottle more often than once a day it will have an impact on how much milk you produce. The advice i have subsequently been given (not that it helps much after the fact) is to feed more often if they are quick feeders. If bubs is content after a feed and gaining weight, i would definately not change anything.

Just another thought, a friend of mine had a baby who would only feed from one side and it turned out he had spinal issues and she took him to a chiropractor - not everyone's choice but she found it really helpful.

There are some fantastic breastfeeding support clinics where you can stay all day and they can watch your bub feed and make recommendations, it would be worth finding out where your nearest one is if you want to continue to breast feed. They are lovely because you feel really pampered having support with bubs for a whole day, and the one i went to (in melbourne) was bulk billed.

Good luck, it is great you have managed to get this far - don't hesitate to get professional support if you have any worries. I waited too long and ended up having to stop feeding, which i hated.

Im with Sel, call an ABA counsellor they are fantastic for suggestions!
a few tips for the meantime
stop giving him the bottle, you will produce enough milk for him if you feed on demand, in other words feed him when he is hungry and offer in between times too, as for refusing one breast this is actually quite common, i think the best way to go there is offer and if he refuses just try the other breast, if you become engorged just express enough for comfort if you have trouble expressing try doing it by hand in the shower or while he is feeding from the other breast, the thing with bottles is that they dont boost your supply to meet his needs only his sucking can do that, as long as you offer he will be getting enough, if you feel that your milk supply is low how about a day in bed skin to skin with the milk bar open?
I really hope this helps you out a bit!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Thankyou everyone for your help! Its great to hear some advice! My DS seems to be better with the side we were having trouble with- i think persistance is the key for sure. I had to let him know who was boss!! (for now!!!) Things are going better- will keep you updated. smile

jodi, mummy of two darlings, SA

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