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Going from Breast to Bottle Lock Rss

Hi there,

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to change over from breastfeeding to formula feeding?? My little one is 3 1/2 months old and we are ready to change to formula. Over the last couple of days I have been trying him with the formula and he appears not to mind it, but each feed is different. Sometimes he wants me first then finishes with some from the bottle, other times he doesn't want me at all and just wants the bottle.
Now I have no idea at all how much he is getting, some feeds he has had 120ml or so, other feeds only about 50ml....
I've also heard about giving them water, should I be doing this after every bottle?
Any advice would help at this time.
Thanks Leigh
Hi Leigh.
I changed over to formula when my daughter was 4 weeks old. She took to it straight away. But, I did stop breastfeeding her altogether that way I could see what she was getting. She was so more settled after I did that. I would express when I was having a shower to help the milk dry up.

Did you just stop all together or did you change slowly. At the moment, every second feed I am giving him a bottle, but sometimes I am having to finish off with me because he is fussing around too much. I want to stop b/f all together. I think at the moment i am giving in to him and letting him feed off me when he gets irritated by the bottle, but I am hopeing that he realises soon. Last night I fed him at 7pm, then gave him a bottle at 9pm and he slept for 6 1/2hours which he has not done for about a month, so i am going to try that again tonight and see what happens.
Thanks Leigh
Hi Leigh.

I stopped B/F altogether. My daughter had no problems going straight onto formula. When I'd pick her up to nurse her she would nuzzle into me looking for the breast, but I would just change her position. I would put her over my shoulder etc. It never worried her.

If your interested I put her onto S26 Gold and never had a probelm with her accepting it.
Hi, my little girl is 5 1/2 months now and have just weaned her. We had alot of trouble getting her to take the bottle at first but with perserverence she started to take it more and more.

I weaned her over a month, every week I would replace one more b/f with the bottle. I would put her in the same position I would when b/f but with the bottle sitting on my breast, she still felt like she was close.

As for the water, they say you shouldnt feed them formula under 3-4 hours so if they get thirsty you can give them a little water in between.

I hope this helps....good luck!!!

Heidi's Mum

My daughter was combo feeding from about 6 wks to 12 wks due to a supply problem. I then dropped one feed every few days to get her totally on the bottle. I think stopping all at once is a decision you will have to make. I was advised to go slowly as often if you stop suddenly, it gets really painful for you, but this doesn't happen to everyone.
As for the water, I too was advised to leave at least 3 - 4 hours between bottle feeds because apparantly, too much formula close together is one of the causes of constipation. So I use water between feeds.
Also, formula doesn't hydrate the baby as well as breast milk, so extra water is important for that reason. As for how much, I just give her what ever she'll take.

Good Luck

Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

I went gradually to bottle feeding my son by replacing one feed at a time over a month. I gave him the bottle first and let him take as much as he wanted. Then I'd top him up with a breast feed if he wanted it.

Bottle feeding my son dramatically improved when I discovered a bottle called "Dr Brown's Natural Flow". The bottle doesn't allow a vacuum to be created & air bubbles don't get released into the formula as the baby feeds so in this respect it's much closer to breast feeding. Some babies get wind when transfered onto a bottle. It is now very easy to feed our son as he is so relaxed. If you're interested you can research the bottle on and

Hope this helps.

My little girl who is 16 months loves her water too. I started giving her water when I changed over to breast milk, but I added a little bit of sugar to it. It just gave it that little bit of taste for her and just gradually lowered the amount until it was straight water. Now she has pump bottles and training cups all around the house.
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