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Only one breastfeed in 24 hours Rss

I'm a bit concerned. My little boy has only had one breastfeed today at 6:40pm.
He slept through for the first time in months!!! [6:30pm through to 6:30am] so was feeling really happy this morning, but then he refused the boob at 7am, I tried again about 20 - 30 mins later...still refused.
Tried again at 11am - he refused. Again tried about 20 mins later, but refused.
Tried again at 3pm - he refused. Tried again 30mins later and he refused.
Gave him his last feed at 6:40pm and he took that. So he really only had one breastfeed in 24 hours!!
He still had his three solid meals ok, but I'm worried he's not getting the nutrition from my milk. Plus I assume he needs some kind of fluid, not just food.
My other problem is BF'ing is the only way he'll take fluid. He'll only have sips of water from a sipper cup and just won't take the bottle. So what do I do???

how old is your little man??

If he continues to refuse the breast give the aba a call, you can get info at

not knowing how old he is, makes it hard to give advice, the only thing i can think of is to try not to worry bout it, and keep offering that way when he does want it its there for him, good luck i hope this resolves for you!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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