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Dear Helena

Yes, did you read the link page as well. I think that manages to explain [a little] WHY mothers, these days, require so much hands on by midwives - I think if we all saw breastfeeding in everyday life and had supportive women around us who were experienced at breastfeeding, there wouldn’t be nearly as many distressed new mums not knowing WHAT to do!

A nurse once told me that she can tell when a new mum comes from a ‘breastfeeding family’, because they just KNOW how to hold a baby and how to bring him to the breast almost instinctively - and do not need all that pushing and squeezing!! [not that that is what we need anyway!!]

Skin-to-skin contact is advised for every baby at least for the first 24 hours, and in premie nurseries, it is practised intermittently [known as Kangaroo care] and in some cases almost constantly [known as Kangaroo Mother Care]. Dr Nils Bergman and his team even have developed a shirt for holding a baby skin-to-skin and allowing the mum to have hands free.

Click here to read more about it -
<a href="">KMC</a>.

I wish I had known about this when my first baby was born - instead of him crying in a humi-crib, so far away from me, I could have demanded that he receive the oxygen he needed on my chest - would have been a much better outcome for both of us I know!


P.S. Can you please tell me how to get the´above the 'e' in your name [apologies for my ignorance here!]

And just incase you don't get to the 'Benefits' section from the above link ... try

<a href="">Benefits of KMC</a>.
The number of bad experiences out there is amazing!! It's comforting to know that I'm not alone. I had a sleepy baby who was full or mucous and would not attach and the whole experience was a nightmare (no amount of skin-to-skin would work... I had to push cold facecloths on his head to keep him awake sad). My milk hadn't come in properly when a left the hospital but I did see a lactation consultant a few days after leaving the hospital. I persisted and managed to breastfeed for 6 weeks but my little boy's weight gain was not good and he would not settle (he was starving).

I think things would have been so much better with better education and I am certainly much more confident that I will know what to do and who can help the next time around... Oh the value of experience.

If we had much closer community links then I think we could avoid alot of these situations.

I'm wondering if this situation is much more common in first time mums. I'm guessing it is as I think stress and inexperience is the main cause.


Leesa, NSW, 2 Mth Baby

Leesa - I agree - next time I'll know what to do for correct feeding etc.

ahhh yes the é...

hold your ALT key down, and at the same time press 1 2 and 3 on your number pad, and the é will


Liam Evan, 2


Thanks! but I think because I have a mac, that doesn't work for me ?? ... luckily I accidentally figured out how to do it on mine just this afternoon
[alt + e then type e]

Amazing how many people DON'T know how to do this simple thing, isn' it ... or is that just me & my group of computer illiterate friends??!!
Generated some discussion 'round here anyway!


hi all,

i was a 19 year old first time mum. while i was in the hospital the mid wives attitude ranged from give breast feeding a go, to breast feeding is the only thing to do. i had one mid wife tell me that babies who were put on the bottle would end up like john howard! how that conection works i have no idea. there was a tremdous amount of pressure on me to breast feed, breast feeding was something i really wanted to.

i had a really big hungery baby and i had a c section so my milk was late coming through. teesha was really sucking and nothing came out. after 2 days she managed to split both my nipples. i never once heard anybody (apart form famliy) say that it is ok to put your baby on the bottle.

i didnt give up though and i am still feeding teesha. i realise that not everyone can or wants to breast feed. i really think that there shouldnt be so much pressure placed on you by the hospitals to breast feed and the attitude of the mid wives should not be their persoal opinion about what they think you should do, but they should take in to consideration your wants. dont get me not saying all hospital staff are like that, this was just my experience.

first time single mum

hi everyone,
i'm elena my baby georgia was born 6th jan 2005. as you have probaby noticed i'm a young single mum. i'm 19 and my ex boybriend is georgia's dad. we were together for a year and a half and when i fell pregnant he couldn't handle it. so we broke up a couple of weeks after i found out. i moved home with my parents and they've helped me out alot. her dad comes to see her every week, wish he didn't she deserves someone alot better to be her father, we cant change it though he still is. sorry to go on and on but the problem i now have is that georgia is not far off being 4 and a half months and i;m breastfeeding her and for the last couple of weeks i've noticed i dont have any milk in the evenings so i've been expressing during the day for this time but today i didnt have enough milk in afternoon so i had to feed her that milk then. she's only had formula once (lastnight) and she threw it all up. i got a different one today for reflux babies as she has reflux and is also on medication for that. i really would love to keep feeding but dont know what to do. i've been eating right drinking water and trying to rest as the doctor told me to but still no change.i've been expressing to try and build it up. to top things off my parents have gone away overseas and i dont have my mums help here. anyone got any suggestions. or anyone been in this situation. i'd love to hear from anyone


Hi Elena!

It must be hard doing this on your own - with your folks away and all!

I'm just wondering what is happening in the evenings to make you think you don't have enough milk? and also wondered if you realise that if you give your baby a bottle then that will only serve to DECREASE your milk supply - breastmilk being produced by demand ... i.e. the more your baby suckles the more you make. I know that it is hard in the evenings some times, because babies sometimes want to just suck ALL the time!!! especially when they are going through growth spurts! [this may be one] But it only takes 20 minutes for a breast to 'refill' enough to offer a top-up feed, so if you go from breast to breast it should be OK.

I thought this worth mentioning because some people are not aware ... apologies if I offend by telling you all the things you already know!

You are already doing all the right things - expressing, resting etc ... I know from my own babies, that growth spurt time can be horrible - but saying that it usually only lasts from 1 - 3 days. do you think this may be the case??

You could contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association helpline in your area - or on their website there is an email help service - they will give you VERY good information.

Let us know how you are going - and maybe some more details? - hope you have a better evening!


hi jm,
thank you for your advise. i make sure that whenever i give her a bottle that i express straight away. lately in the evening i try to express and there isnt even enough to cover the base of the bottle. i thought at first it was a growth spurt but its been going on for around two weeks and she's always been such a good feeding since birth. she also didnt put on nearly as much weight on at her last weigh in at the clinic. she has always slept in the night well up until around as month ago when now she's not as settled during the night and a have to feed her every three to four hours. it all points to lack of supply i think. its just upsetting to think maybe if she's just not getting enough that i might have to start bottle feeding.
thanks again


Hi again

Yes. After doing so well it would be a shame ... but don't give up hope yet. It is VERY rare that a woman cannot produce enough milk for her baby - and the fact that you have done so to this point, makes me think that it can be resolved, with the correct advice!!

I have just found the NSW ABA helpline number - give them a call [and then they will probably give you another number to call for a counsellor]. The number is
02 8853 4999

Their email counsellors are available via

I think the most direct would probably be via phone - hope you have some success.

Good luck
AND smile !!

Remember too, that the baby always removes the milk from the breast MUCH easier than we can by expressing!!

You may be right - that this is a supply problem - but honestly, the BEST way to improve that is to keep feeding [really often if necessary] I know that sounds like alot of bother ... but probably a darn sight easier, in the end, than bottle feeding, don't you think [LOL]!!!

I really feel for you - on your own and all. I remember sitting with my second on the boob for what seemed like ALL day - with number 1 to look after too! - and it seemed like forever before my husband came home ... just to be the shoulder to cry on [LOL] ... I hope you aren't feeling that bad.

Keep up the good work!!
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