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Pressure!!! Lock Rss

thank you for all your help. i am going the clinic tomorrow to get georgia weighed so i'll see what they can tell me too. thank you again


I'm going to start by saying that i'm a big believer in breastfeeding. I had all the problems in the world with feeding my last baby. I had mastitis by 1 week old, cracked bleeding nipples, engorgement etc. I would express and feed with a bottle and even tried nipple shields. I visited a Lactation Consultant with very little improvement. By 1 week old Flynn was dehydrated and had jaundice.

He wanted to feed every 1/2 hour and it would take up to 1 1/2 hours to feed him. I would sit and cry at every feed it was soo painful. Expressing was killing me and i was soo emotionally drained from no sleep and from crying in pain.

But still I was determined to keep with it.

All of my friends, family and even hubby told me to 'give up' and put him on a bottle. I wanted soo many times to do it, and not have to go through the pain of another feed. People would say things like 'havn't you given up yet' or 'stuff you for sticking with it.'
NOT the sort of things I was wanting to hear.

Luckily, I have an 'aunty' who stuck with me through everything and offered great support and advice, without making me feel pressured into breastfeeding. She would visit or call me everyday.

Today 3 months on, breastfeeding is going great! I've suffered 2 bouts of thrush and think i'm getting it again at the moment.

As much as there is pressure on women to breastfeed, there sometimes is just as much on women to STOP breastfeeding. I'm glad I stuck with it.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

good on you. as a mum that had the pain of cracked and bleeding nipples for the first week i'm really proud of you. i only went through it for a week aswell and that was bad enough. i think breastfeeding is the most rewarding feeling. i just really hope i can feed until at least 6 mths my baby is now almost 4.5 mths and i'm having difficulty with my supply. once again well done


young single mum, thanks heaps.

I went through painful feeds for the first 6 weeks. The cracks only healed after 4 weeks. *pain*

Sorry to hear about your supply problems. I use to think the same, especially in the evening. Flynn would feed pretty much every 2 hours all day and then feed constantly from about 5pm till bed at 8:30pm (though latley he goes down anywhere between 7:00 -8:30pm).

As soon as he hit 6 weeks, everything changed. He settled into a routine and slept longer during the night.

Last night he went down at 7:30pm and slept till 4:00am. Had a feed and then slept till 9:30am this morning. (yaaaay!!)

I know how you must be feeling, being so young. I was 16 when I had my first boy and split with his father when he was 6 months old. I was a single mother until he was 3. I'm lucky my mum was around to help. I've learnt alot since then and am doing things differently with Flynn (much to my mothers disgust). I breastfed my first with no problems, but he was supplemented with formula and fed solids early.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

Hi again Elena Hope you had a reasonable night with Georgia! I was just wanted to mention something about babies' wt gain - No doubt your clinic nurse will tell you today, that many babies do slow down in their wt gain when they start to get more 'active' [i.e. rolling over, sitting up and crawling] and so long as there is some wt gain, things are usually OK. Also, widely used weight charts - in baby books and clinic charts - are actually made for formula fed babies, and plot a slightly abnormal growth pattern. There are breastfed baby charts now but not many know about them or use them - you could ask your clinic nurse about them perhaps. Though, of course, all babies are different, breastfed babies who put on alot of weight in the early months do tend to 'plateau' out around 4-6mths. Something else I thought about was that you mentioned that Georgia has reflux .... Has anyone mentioned to you that some reflux babies actully improve when the mum removes all dairy foods [and things that contain dairy] from her diet...? There has been research done on this so this is not just some weird idea I just thought up !! LOL and though not all colicky/reflux babies are improved or 'cured' it been has shown to help many. My ramblings may not help smile but hope all goes well anyway!! Let us know how things go today! Cheers
hi younge single mum,

i just wanted to say that i am in almost exactly the same situation as you are. i was 19 when i had Teesha, my ex is her father and i was with him for a year and a half aswel. he only see her once a month though.

any way i went through the same sort of milk problem as you are. Teesha would suck and suck so much trying to get something out that it would start to hurt. all i did was offer her more feeds through the day, i was trying to encourage my milk supply to pick up. in the end it worked, it took me 5 days to reach the point where i had what felt like too much milk! i realise this may not really help you or your situation. everyone is different.

hope everything works out for you and your little one.

first time single mum

Hi Elena (young single mum)
My milk supply went down when i was under stress when bub was 4.5months and has just dropped again.
I pumped last night and only got 5mls!
The best thing that worked for me last time was FENNEL SEEDS, you buy them from your health food shop for only a couple of dollars, just put a couple of tablespoons in a cup, fill with boiling water and let soak for 3 mins, strain and drink.
I am back on it and taking my multivitamins again, believe me it really really works.
Good luck.

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

Hi all

Jen, you may well be right about the Fennel seeds - it obviously works well for you!! As a herbal medicine, it IS reputed to increase milk production ... but in medical literature there is some question about it's use, as it is classed primarily as oestrogenic, which means it may actually reduce BM production!

Fenugreek also has a widespread reputation for increasing milk supply, but also without documentation.

I can't say myself as I have had no experience with Fennel or Fenugreek!!

A medication which IS used, but requires a doctor's prescription, is domperidone [motilium]. It has been proven to increase prolactin production and increase BM supply - with dosage 10 -20 mg 3 to 4 times a day.

What ever you all use, may you all be blessed with an abundant milk supply!!! smile
I think there is a huge pressure for women to breastfeed. In my antenatal class only breastfeeding was discussed which I think sucks. Breast is best but what if it doesn't work? There is absolutely no information given on bottlefeeding. I had to bottlefeed my son, it was my decision and I am not going to justify my reasons for it. I didn't know about sterilisting bottles, differents teats for bottles, what formula to use etc. In the end you do what's best for your baby AND yourself, the last thing you need as a new mum is to be told you have to breastfeed or else you are pretty much a failure. Daniel is now 3 months and absolutely thriving, he is above average for his age and absolutely adored by both his parents. In the end that's all that matters as long as he is growing at a good rate and has parents who love him.

Daniel, NZ, born 15/02/2005

No matter what you do as a parent you will continue to get judged by others, from the moment your child is born and even when they have grown up. So as long as you know as a parent that you felt you did the best by your child, that is all that matters. Everybody is different, some women BF - others FF. Some women go back to work - others stay at home. You do whatever is best at the time. I think that as a parent you are busy enough to worry about what others do with their kids.

Daniel, NZ, born 15/02/2005

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